Meanwhile, single men and women rush through their daily lives as if it’ll end tomorrow.

A survey carried out over the course of nine months by Docomo Healthcare gathered data on the walking habits of 387 people in Japan.

Participants wore a sleek Move Band 3 — Docomo’s version of a fitness band that tracks sleep patterns, calories burned, and steps taken in a day. Analysis of the accumulated data revealed a few surprising facts.

Both single men and single women engaged in more brisk walking per day than those who were in active relationships. Single women clocked a slightly higher average of 1,581 steps compared to those in relationships at 1,520. The difference was even more pronounced in men, with an average of 2,482 steps compared to 1,802.

The fitness band also kept track of steps that were classified as running, and analysis of its data established that single men ran about 1.5 times more steps than their paired-up counterparts. Women were similar, with singles running approximately 2.4 times more than those in relationships.

Both men and women in relationships were found to be more likely to slow down and assume a leisurely pace in their daily activities, clocking more normal steps than their single brethren.

The data above suggests that singles feel more inclined to hurry toward their destination, yet it remains a mystery whether this stems from an inherent need to manage time more efficiently, or from scampering around finding rare monsters in Pokémon GO. Whatever it is, perhaps observing a person’s walking behavior may be a way to tell if your love interest is single or not.

Source: Docomo HEALTHCARE via My Game News Flash, livedoor NEWS
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