Five tips to stay stress-free and comfortable as you walk through Tokyo’s crazy-crowded streets

Being in the biggest city in Japan means you’re probably sharing the walkway with more people than you’d like, but here’s how to make things easier.

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Japanese survey reveals having a significant other slows your pace, makes you lazier

Meanwhile, single men and women rush through their daily lives as if it’ll end tomorrow.

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Be kind to blind pedestrians by choosing where you step when walking through the snow in Japan

Unexpected request changes attitudes about sidewalk manners and being considerate of vision-impaired residents.

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Japanese Twitter users reveal the logic behind the 5K eggs in Pokémon Go

Just how long is it supposed to take to hatch those eggs?

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Japan’s obesity rates to rise thanks to new portable “WalkCar” anti-walking device 【Video】

A Japanese engineer has unveiled a tiny, portable skateboard-type device which makes walking to just about any destination essentially unnecessary. At about the size of a bulky laptop, the “WalkCar” is slim and portable. It’s also powered by lithium batteries and likely the harbinger of the human race’s inevitable de-evolution into a legless, slug-like race of lard creatures…

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The number one thing that foreign men find “not so kawaii” about Japanese women

For some reason, the Japanese internet just loves polling its readers about a variety of (often mundane) topics in the form of surveys, polls, and other data collection methods. One of the biggest themes revolves around international perceptions of Japan, particularly in the realms of dating and relationships, as our site has featured multiple times in the past.

According to the latest poll conducted in a joint effort between Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd. and Wacoal (a lingerie company based in Kyoto) for an ongoing women empowerment project, 98% of foreign men perceive Japanese women to be kawaii (“cute”). But can you guess the number one thing that the majority of those men find to be unattractive about Japanese women, and what researchers are planning to do about it?

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