With just a bit of focused air, some tiles, and a mannequin, you too can enjoy the experience of a real life rocket punch.

Japanese Youtuber Sushi Ramen Riku (whose videos oddly have nothing to do with cooking) believes in going big or going home. When he sets out to make a video, he goes to extremes.

His latest project, which has garnered over 1.5 million views in just a few days, is no exception. In he video, he uses the power of air to see how many tiles he can break with his homemade rocket punch.

Riku explains that by combining air with the right ingredients, the resulting pressure builds up a large enough force to break through the tiles. So, after building both a stand for the tiles and the actual rocket punch device, he ended up with the setup seen here.

▼ The Rocket Punch is attached to the mannequin’s arm. It seems so powerful that it’s too dangerous for a mere mortal such as Riku to wield himself, so he uses Mr. Mannequin.

With his setup complete, Riku takes his position in the hallway. The only “person” left in the room (which is Riku’s family kitchen, by the way) is Mr. Mannequin. He may not show much emotion, but he’s ready to let some anger out.

▼ The suspense is killing me, too.

Riku opens the door to let air in, and…

▼ Total destruction.

Not only were most of the tiles obliterated, the shrapnel did some damage to the kitchen walls, the molding along the floor, and Mr. Mannequin’s poor arm as well. Riku’s parents must have been pleased with that.

▼ To round off the video, Riku decides to compare his own human punch to the actual thing.

▼ Now imagine what Mr. Mannequin felt, Riku.

This is just the latest in Riku’s series of rocket videos. The original was created back in January using a bunch of plastic bottles and Riku’s own arm. This invention does a lot less damage to the objects, but it also does a lot less damage to your own body.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Riku can come up with next!

Source: Sushi Ramen Riku via Japankyo
Images: Sushi Ramen Riku