The president-elect might want to adopt this instrument in real life.

It’s mere days before U.S. President-Elect Trump becomes just President Trump. Whether you’re a supporter of Trump, willing to give him a chance or a hard no, it’s still important to look on the bright side of life. Sometimes the simplest bright side available to you is a product of the Internet, such as “Life Accordion to Trump” which has gone viral for all the right reasons.

But it’s not just folks from the United States who are getting a kick out of this video. People all over the world, including the Japanese Twitterverse, are helping it rocket around the globe. With more than 100,000 retweets and counting, and almost 700,000 views on YouTube, it seems the whimsical musical stylings of an accordion-equipped Trump have proven that not all the hot air is coming out of Trump’s mouth. It was evident from comments that Japanese viewers could not help from giggling at the musical Trump.

“This is extremely catchy!”
“I was holding my sides with laughter.”
“I have no way to describe this magnificent video.”
“I just burst out laughing in the middle of the night! My stomach!”

Perhaps if the Trump presidency doesn’t work out, he can begin a career as professional accordion speaker. Or more likely, he can just continue talking to the TV as he always does and allow @rabbitandcoffee to provide the soundtrack to his words. If it turns out his sons do a better job at running his companies than he does, he’s got a very successful fallback position here. Once Trump takes office, he will probably be busy “running” the country, but not so busy that he can’t take to Twitter and comment on your cosplay, or your impression of him, so be funny at your own risk.

Source: Twitter/@rabbitandcoffee via Twitter/@carltheyesman
Featured image: Twitter/@rabbitandcoffee