Looks like they had a problem with him sticking brushes up his butt.

Last week, Japanese comedian Egashira 2:50 made his YouTube debut, blowing away viewers by writing surprisingly legible Japanese calligraphy with a brush shoved up his butthole. It was then that a Japanese internet star was born, and he rapidly followed up with three other videos.

In one he dresses up as billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and fires powerful rockets at his crotch, and in another he responds to rumors about his life…presumably while recovering from taking rockets to his crotch.

However, it showed that Ega-chan is more than just a stunt-guy, and capable of producing entertaining videos in a variety of ways. Fans have responded by racking up well over a million views on each video and pushing his subscribers up to over 800,000 in less than a week.

The Ega-Channel star was shining bright, but not for long. In his first video, Egashira 2:50 declared that he would push the limits of what YouTube would allow, and if he got banned in the process, then so be it.

However, he didn’t predict what YouTube was really capable of…

▼ “Ega-Channel Official Twitter 2:50 Update!! Thank you always for your support. There is one piece of sad news. All three videos we posted so far failed to get ad revenue. Please tell us what to do.”

It would seem that rather than banning Egashira 2:50, they simply took away his ability to make money, thus leaving him in a limbo of meaningless endeavors. Although his antics were undoubtedly risque, he didn’t seem to cross any unforgivable lines. He even was considerate enough to tape up his nipples.

Regardless of how it happened, the Ega-Channel tweet was flooded with advice.

“It was probably some AI algorithm looking for skin.”
“You should start a crowdfunding campaign.”
“Wow, YouTube is stricter than TV.”
“You should go over to YouTube headquarters and film it of course.”
“If you switch to Pornhub you should have no problems there.”
“I wonder why… Maybe you can get sponsors independently.”
“Good luck Ega-chan! You’re the best!”
“This is the one channel I actually look forward to seeing ads on.”
“Screw ads. Seek sponsors.”
“Probably if you just put on a shirt it would be fine.”

In possibly a related move, Egashira 2:50 also launched a second “sub-channel” called Ega-Channel: Spare Underwear. Only one video has been released but he’s uncharacteristically wearing a shirt in it, which would suggest he may have took the last comment’s advice and diversified into some toned-down content as well.

Also, since Ega-Channel’s Twitter account seems to like making all its announcements at precisely 2:50, we may have to wait a day or two for the full explanation, but ads do seem to be appearing in all of his videos as of this writing. Perhaps his team managed to work things out with YouTube after all.

It’s an ongoing and rapidly developing situation, and the threat of getting his channel pulled still lingers over Egashira 2:50. He could have simply taste-tested various foods and called them “OC Desu,” but instead continues on the hard road to YouTube success like the badass samurai he is.

Source: Twitter/@samurai_badass, YouTube/Ega-Channel, My Game News Flash
Top image: YouTube/Ega-Channel
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