When you’re truly on it like a bonnet.

While cars generally do not do well against insane swarms of insects, when it’s one-on-one it’s a little different story, one that generally ends in tragedy for the insect involved.

Recently, however, one sly bug – a praying mantis to be exact – in Japan managed to hitch a ride on the hood of a car and proceeded to give his personal chauffeur some entertainment in the form of a little dance.

The driver, who goes by @gelmanes on Twitter, uploaded the video he took of the silly encounter onto YouTube channel and his Twitter account, which users proceeded to share over 54,000 times like over 90,000.

“Went for a drive with a mantis who was really into it. He (?) stayed on the hood the whole time.”

We suspect this isn’t the first time this green guy has hitched a ride, as he looks like quite the car-surfing expert perched on the hood of @gelmanes’ car. He even looks back a couple of times during the ride as if to say, “You watching this?”

Even though near the end of the video the praying mantis starts walking away, @gelmanes says the hitchhiker stayed with him for about an hour. He also assures viewers that this is not CG animated, and also provided a drawing to detail how he didn’t (completely) have his hands full while driving:

▼ The grey line is the dashboard, the diagonal blue line is the windshield, and the green mark is his smartphone wedged between them.

We may never know where our grooving mantis’ adventures led him, but his little boogey will live on on the Internet.

Source: Twitter/@gelmanes 
Featured image: Twitter/@gelmanes