The cherry blossoms look extra tasty this year.

In Japan, the long-awaited arrival of spring comes with a flurry of sakura-themed food in stores, and over at McDonald’s they celebrate with a burger called the Teritama.

An amalgamation of the words “teriyaki” and “tamago” (“egg”), the Teritama is usually accompanied by a few new seasonal menu items, and that’s the case again this year, with the latest burger companion being the Setouchi Lemon Tartar Bacon Teritama.

There are a total of three Teritama burgers on the menu this year, starting with the original Teritama, priced at 440 yen (US$3.23).

▼ Egg and a pork patty, slathered in a ginger, apple and garlic-flavoured teriyaki sauce.

Cheese lovers will want to opt for the Cheese Teritama (480 yen), which is said to have the perfect balance of sweet, salty and umami flavours.

The Setouchi Lemon Tartar Bacon Teritama (480 yen) features a special tartar sauce made with finely chopped lemon from Setouchi, Japan’s premier lemon-producing region. The citrus tang adds a refreshing zing to the pork patty, bacon, pickles, egg and onions in the burger.

To wash it all down, we have a couple of pink drinks that capture the look and taste of the season. While they don’t contain actual cherry blossoms, they’re filled with the taste of cherries, namely the Sato Nishiki variety, renowned as the country’s best, and which fetch a high price at auction every year.

▼ The Sato Nishiki Cherry McFizz is priced at 270 yen.

▼ The Sato Nishiki Cherry McFloat adds soft serve to the mix, for 340 yen.

To help promote the new springtime menu, McDonald’s is broadcasting a nationwide commercial starring Japanese actors Riho Yoshioka and Kaisei Kamimura. In the clip, Kaisei’s character works up the courage to ask his female companion to view the cherry blossoms together, and when she agrees, he’s brought to his knees in delight, only to be caught out when she returns to ask him which burger he’d like.

▼ The tagline “Meccha Haru Jan” translates to “It’s Soo Spring”.

Now we can’t wait for cherry blossom season to arrive, and when it does, we’ll be sitting under the trees with everything in the new collection, which will be available from 8 March to mid-April.

Source: McDonald’s Japan
Featured image: YouTube/マクドナルド公式(McDonald’s)

Insert images: McDonald’s Japan
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