There are ups and downs aplenty when you’re a person who likes to be alone but have plans to see people you like.

Being an introvert doesn’t make a person friendless. It can, though, make getting together with those friends more of an emotional challenge than it would be for more extroverted types.

That’s the dilemma Japanese Twitter user @riko3_ depicts in a four-panel manga titled The Melancholy Syndrome of Many Introverts as the Day They’re Supposed to Meet Up with Friends Draws Near.

Let’s take a look at the four stages many introverts go through, according to @riko3_.

● Top-left panel
As the day gets closer, I start to dread it more and more.
I was all excited when we made plans.
Woman: “I was the one who said we should get together, but now it’s starting to feel like a pain.”
When we made plans, I was looking forward to it, but just before the day comes, I start to feel totally depressed about it.

● Top-right panel
As soon as my mind stars to wander, I start worrying.
Woman: “On this day I have to go to that thing…And today I’ve got to get this other thing done.”
*Mysterious pressure
If I have something on my schedule, I can’t relax, and I constantly feel stressed.

● Bottom-left panel
I start to feel so bad that I want to just blow the whole thing off.
Worry. Pain in the butt. Melancholy. Less free time. Have to get ready to go out.
“So what should we do when we get together?” “What’s the weather going to be like?” “What’re you gonna wear?” “What time are you getting up?”
I start thinking about all these different things, and it just becomes a bunch of worries and effort, instead of fun.

● Bottom-right panel
And then when the day actually comes, I meet up with my friends, have fun, an it turns out to be no big deal.
Woman: “What was I feeling so melancholy about?”
* This process repeats every single time.
When the day comes, I just have fun with my friends like it’s no big deal, and I enjoy myself.

Online reactions to @riko3_’s manga have included:

“I totally get what this manga is saying. Even though I get it, what the heck am I thinking making plans with other people.”
“I get stressed when I have plans to see people, and it makes me sad when people can’t understand that and call me selfish.”
“This is exactly how I am. I feel a lot better knowing that other people go through the same thing. I thought I was the only one.”
“This is all too familiar to me. If only I could cure it…”

As the last comment alludes to, overcoming introversion, for those who decide they want to, can be a tough task. At least @riko3_’s manga is there to let them know that they’re not the only ones who get antsy about spending time with other people, even if they’re friends.

Source: Jin
Featured image: Twitter/@riko3_