With temperatures skyrocketing, cosplayers tapped into their creativity to inject a splash of cool.

It’s that time of the year when fans of anime, manga and games make their biannual pilgrimage to an exhibition of epic proportions: Comiket 92. An abundance of dojinshi (self-published Japanese works) can be found here and are considered quite rare since they’re hardly ever reprinted. This grand event is held at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center from 11-14 August, and managed to attract over half a million visitors last year.

▼ The massive line of people eager to get their hands on some dojinshi.

Thankfully this year the attendees’ collective body heat didn’t seem to be forming a Comiket cloud, and at 27 °C (80.6 °F), we found the weather to be more pleasant than the blistering hot Summer Comiket days of previous years.

▼ It was surprisingly cool in the convention center itself,
despite the enormous crowds.

Spotting a few cosplayers who have no doubt put a ton of effort into their costumes over the past months, we approached them and took some pictures.

Love Live! seemed to be the favorite among cosplayers,
with water gun-totting Rin Hoshizora…

▼ …marine version of Nozomi Tojo…

▼ …swimsuit Maki Nishikino…

▼ …and summer bikini Eli Ayase.

▼ High school ultimate fashionista Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa
turned heads with Monokuma, the villain of the series.

▼ This cosplayer’s striking resemblance to Deidara from Naruto was uncanny.

▼ White Ulala, orange Ulala and Pudding from Space Channel 5 reporting live.

▼ Sailor Uranus from all-time favorite Sailor Moon

▼ Super Sonico and her iconic headphones

Other cosplayers were eager to have their photos taken.

How’s that for an opening day? While we managed to capture some great cosplays, we unfortunately didn’t spot a certain Monster Hunter cosplayer with his impressive heavy bowgun. Things are sure to heat up over the next two more days though, so stay tuned for more!

Images: ©SoraNews24
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