Why hunt monsters with a sword when you can do it with a massive cosplay rifle?

What makes cosplay so great is its range. You can cosplay anything from a demure maid in uniform to a giant, imposing robot. And for some cosplays on the more menacing side of the spectrum, their core revolves around enormous weapons such as swords or guns.

For Japanese Twitter user @killer_927, his weapon for cosplaying is a huge heavy bowgun from famed monster-slaying franchise Monster Hunter called the Queen’s Longfire. His weapon has been getting a lot of attention online recently for, well, living up to his killer Twitter handle.

▼ An early design of the foldable heavy bowgun.


The firing mechanism is made up of springs and several moving parts, while using a bicycle brake lever as the trigger.


▼ A lot of work was put into this.


In the Monster Hunter game, heavy bowguns are massive assault rifles that considerably slow down players in exchange for unparalleled firepower. They are heavy but pack a serious punch, which @killer_927 managed to replicate with great success.

▼ The rifle measures a whopping 180 centimeters (70.8 inches)!


▼ Painted in army green, the Queen’s Longfire reflects its
use of dragon scales and webbing in crafting.


▼ The rear bowstring section employs clever
use of magnets, making storage a breeze.


▼ Here’s a thrilled @killer_927 showing off his formidable Queen’s Longfire in action.
You can almost imagine him taking down a towering prey with that.


All that’s left is a matching Black Flame King Rathalos armor, which @killer_927 has made great progress on.


▼ He’s quite satisfied with how it turned out.


▼ The rest of the equipment is coming along nicely too.


Competition is heating up as cosplayers enter a fevered frenzy preparing for Summer Comiket. Perhaps @killer_927 can team up with Eren Yeager and Levi cosplayers from Attack on Titan to take down some gigantic monsters together. Let’s just hope they’ll leave some awesome for the rest of us.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@killer_927