Milk-giving alien cow nipple is everything we’ve come to love about ads in Japan.

Japanese commercials are known for being in a league of their own, with trippy visuals and bizarre storylines proving time and time again that advertisers know exactly how to take the term “thinking out of the box” to a whole new stratosphere.

This latest ad from Japan calls upon outer space to create one of the most memorable 30-second commercials we’ve seen in a long time, with a U.F.O., a giant milk-giving nipple, and a group of children holding their glasses up to the sky to receive their milky downpour.

Take a look at the giant nipple ad below:

Given the cow pattern on the U.F.O., this is obviously meant to be milk from a cow, but they could’ve at least brought out a few more teats to have it represent an udder, if that’s what they were aiming for.

Still, the image of a plump and bouncy single teat is far more arresting, making it look just like a giant nipple. Given that the clip is advertising for a Kumamoto-based milk company called Rakunoh Mother’s, it makes it even more difficult to turn a blind eye to the breast/nipple imagery.

Twitter users were quick to discuss the clip online, leaving comments like:

“This is madness!”
“Shouldn’t that be pixelated when it appears onscreen?”
“That’s one long nipple right there.”
“I never knew this sort of thing happened in Kumamoto.”
“My heart is pure so all I see is the fact that the milk is freshly squeezed.”

The cow-to-U.F.O. relationship is explained in another clip released by the company, which depicts an intriguing milk-harvesting situation.

Another ad produced by the company is just as far-fetched as the others, although strangely more tame despite its wild dinosaur character, which is used to remind viewers to “Build strong bones!”

That’s all certainly a novel way to get us to drink our milk, or at least have us think outside the box when we come to drink out of one of their cartons. Strangely enough, though, despite the graphic teat/nipple on display, at least the commercial didn’t feature any ugly-looking people, or else that would’ve really caused a controversy.

Images: YouTube/らくのうマザーズ
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