How to make so, Japan’s 1,000-year-old dessert recipe that’s back in fashion【SoraKitchen】

There’s only one ingredient in this super-simple recipe for a favorite food of Kyoto’s imperial court.

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In the midst of coronavirus, a 1,000-year-old food is being revived in Japan

“There’s an epidemic going around and we’re here making so…so is it the Nara Era?

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How to buy milk at the store in Japan, even if you don’t read or speak any Japanese

Can’t read the kanji characters on the label? You’re not the only one, so here’s a shopping secret to help you out.

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Anime canned coffee from China has us hoping for a sequel to a caffeinated beverage【Video】

Nijigen has Japanese influences both inside and out.

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Japanese Twitter users share a secret hiding on platform five at Akihabara Station

A little-known milky paradise awaits those who know where to look at this busy station in the capital.

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Giant nipple squirts milk from U.F.O. in crazy Japanese commercial【Video】

Milk-giving alien cow nipple is everything we’ve come to love about ads in Japan.

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Mr. Sato gets his fill of milky goodness at specialty cream shop in Shibuya

Our reporter had a good time frolicking in this limited-time store.

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Create your very own dessert drink with this new “Squeeze and Shaken” cooking toy!

Just squeeze and mix to get a delicious shake in the flavor of your favorite dessert!

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Japanese family lives and works in a milk carton house in Hiroshima

Forget the little old lady who lived in a shoe; there’s a Japanese family who lives in a milk carton.

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Häagen-Dazs Japan’s new ice cream flavor will taste like yogurt and honey!

Häagen-Dazs Japan has announced another tantalizing new flavor, and we’re already wondering what the combination of dairy and honey will taste like!

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After a long dog day, treat your pet to a glass of fresh goat’s milk from this Japanese dairy

If you’re a doting dog owner, odds are you occasionally give a special treat to your canine companion, but what about liquid refreshment? Just like you might reward yourself with a cup of gourmet coffee or a craft beer at the end of a long day, don’t you think your dog would sometimes enjoy something other than H20 in his water dish?

For all of those answering yes, this might be just the thing: fresh-squeezed goat milk, specifically sold for dogs.

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Japanese town axes milk from school lunches, debate likely to wage until cows come home

I’ve lost count of the number of Japanese people I’ve met who were disappointed to find out I don’t have what they consider quintessential American eating habits. The last time I had a steak was a year ago. I’m perfectly happy eating rice, and I love fish, since, you know, I grew up in California, which is a coastal state (same ocean as Japan has, too).

But there’s one stereotype I do conform with, and that’s how much I love milk, despite being a full-grown adult. Many Japanese people, on the other hand, associate the drink with their childhood, since it’s been served in elementary schools for decades.

One city in Niigata Prefecture, though, has decided it has no more tolerance for drinkable lactose, and starting this month, is removing milk from its school lunches.

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These snowman milk mugs are so cute, we want them ALL!

The snow in Japan may be starting to melt (unless you live in Hokkaido), but that doesn’t mean the snowmen have to go away. Thanks to Megmilk Snow Brand Company, you’ll be greeted by a chilly friend every morning with their limited edition snow mug campaign.

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Korean university’s “lick milk off your girlfriend” event ends with apologies, milk moustaches

University life may not be quite how it appears in the countless teen comedies that Hollywood coughed up during the early noughties, but it can still be a lot of fun. And if these photos taken during an event at Kangwon National University’s recent campus festival are anything to go by, some colleges aren’t afraid to cross a few lines when it comes to having a good time.

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Company Accidently Recreates Milky Way Using a River in China

The river you see here has been used by the residents of this part of Wenzhou, China daily for doing the wash. However, on the morning of 9 August they awoke to a puzzling sight. 

The river had been dyed a milky white color overnight.

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