Shocking video shows delinquent student physically abusing a teacher.

Schools in Japan aren’t entirely free of misbehaving students, ranging from sleepers to delusional ranters. These are mild when compared to the horror stories of schools from some other countries. Which is why a particular video that recently surfaced on the Internet has Japanese netizens in a furious uproar.

Tablets were being used during class in a Fukuoka high school, and one student was using it to watch movies instead. After several warnings to concentrate on class were ignored, the 23-year-old teacher had no choice but to confiscate the electronic device, which caused the angry pupil to approach him.

▼ You can watch the horrifying video in its entirety here.

▼ The beginning of the nightmare.

The obvious intrusion of personal space by the student prompted little reaction from the teacher, and served to embolden the rebellious bully into doing the unthinkable.


The student kicked his victim in the back a total of four times, each harder than the last. Encouraged by shrill laughter from classmates, the bully’s manhandling would have escalated to punching if his teacher didn’t scream in protest.

▼ The teacher probably had to restrain himself from
smacking the living daylights out of the boy.

Seeing that no bodily harm has come to the assault victim, the school currently has no intention of lodging a police report. Hopefully all will not be swept under the carpet as if it never happened though, as the principal is considering meting out appropriate punishment for the offending student.

Japanese netizens were utterly furious:

“A 23-year-old teacher? He did well tolerating all that nonsense in a zoo of a school.”
“The culprit and the students laughing are all at fault. The school should lodge a police report!”
“Shouldn’t they lodge a police report? High school students should understand that violence is unacceptable. Arrest him!”
“His parents are probably yakuza.”
“Forget the police report, arrest him for violent conduct. Even the students who stood by without doing anything are to blame. The age when students respected teachers is long past.”

As an educator in Japan myself, it saddens me to see a teacher committed to parting wisdom to the younger generation being treated so horribly. Rest assured that this student is the exception to what most are like in Japan. The majority are kind, hard working, and happy to give back to their teachers and classmates by serving lunch to each other and cleaning their classrooms every day.

Source: Yahoo Japan via Hachima Kikou
Images: YouTube/otaku_news