With a ratio of three beautiful Ukranian women to one Chinese man, the odds seem pretty good. But it’s going to cost them $10,380 each.

One Chinese man by the name of Mei Aisi made headlines when pictures of him with his beautiful Ukranian wife surfaced a few years ago on the Internet.

His story went viral, and after people started approaching Mei in the hopes of getting introduced to pretty women, it dawned upon him that he could help others do the same. Culove Dating Club was thus born, and it has been helping match Chinese men with Ukrainian woman since.

▼ Could Culove Dating Club be the start of a new revolution?

Mei’s sister-in-law interviews prospective Ukranian women who are interested in meeting Chinese men. She sources them from both the Internet and in real life too.

▼ Recruitment don’t always go smoothly though….

Communication is key to establishing strong relationships, especially when it comes to something as important as finding a life partner. To that end, the women are taught some Chinese to impress the men and help overcome cultural boundaries.

▼ They learn a lot about a country they’ve never set foot in before.

Since Culove Dating Club isn’t a dedicated language school, the women may have a hard time holding deeper conversations in Mandarin unless they’re already proficient. The same goes for the men, who don’t have much knowledge of Ukranian either.

▼ That awkward moment when you raise your glass,
misspeak, and accidentally bid farewell to the ladies you just met.

The matchmaking service comes at exorbitant prices for the men, as they’re expected to pay US$10,380 for a single massive dating event with 30 women, or $14,440 for eight one-on-one dates. Accommodation, plane tickets, and translation fees are not included in the package, so those numbers are really just the baseline. For the filthy rich, they can opt for the $45,120 VIP package which offers unlimited dates until they find the right Ukranian partner.

As much as we hope for Mei’s service to spark romance between individuals from two very different cultures, the astronomical price deters all but the wealthy, more or less turning a noble attempt at helping people into a money-grabbing business.

This trend of buying love with money isn’t new though, and even here in Japan more and more girls are turning to sugar daddies to maintain their expensive lifestyles.

Source: Culove Dating Club via Shanghaiist, ChinaFile
Top image: ChinaFile