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Tired of looking for The One? Try Japan’s new DNA matchmaking service and maybe you’ll find them

Use your DNA to find your perfect match!

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High-end matchmaking service helps Chinese men meet beautiful Ukranian women【Video】

With a ratio of three beautiful Ukranian women to one Chinese man, the odds seem pretty good. But it’s going to cost them $10,380 each.

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Japanese company promises women the man of their (financial) dreams!

Japanese company aims to provide women with a “high-spec” man of their dreams thanks to their rigorous testing and exacting standards (no mention of looks or personality).

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Lonely or in need of female assistance? Try a rental friend in Tokyo!

It can be difficult to get along without female friends.

In Japan, work ethic and subsequent exhaustion tends to tie many men to their work places beyond the call of duty, and gender roles can be highly restrictive. If you’re a single man who is not socially confident, how do you get enough positive human interaction? We all need to tell someone about our troubles, and yarn about the day-to-day minutiae that friends and family share.

Maybe you want to go out to a nice restaurant… but how can you go alone? Maybe you have relationship difficulties and want to confide in someone. Maybe you need help with your computer, or organizing your stuff, or careers counselling. Everyone needs a female friend… and in eastern Japan, Client Partners KK is one company which offers a rent-a-friend service. Billed as “women-only odd-jobbers” (josei dake no benriya), the services they offer do not include anything untoward. In the commodification of today’s world, “rental friend” should come as no surprise. What is surprising is just how much this kind of human contact benefits lonely people.

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