We’ve all heard the stereotype that western guys who come to Japan find themselves suddenly showered with beautiful ladies, while Asian guys who head to the west get squat. Regardless of the fact that this kind of generalization is SUPER mean and based upon some pretty sketchy and biased thinking, it does seem to be the most prevailing opinion (in spite of the many cases where it’s blatantly not true.) When we heard about this regular Chinese dude who bagged himself a super hot wife after deciding to study abroad in Ukraine, we thought it made for an adorable story about a successful international marriage. Unfortunately, it seems that Chinese netizens were less charmed, with plenty taking to their keyboards to register their surprise, envy, and skepticism.

Netizens in China have been familiar with Mei Acai for a while now, after he began to share photos of his exciting life abroad with folks back home via on online forum. Mei Acai, a regular dude from Heibei province, China found himself moving to study abroad in Ukraine after things weren’t going so well for him academically back home. Fast-forward 12 years, and he’s a successful businessman married to a stunning lady, with whom he has a beautiful baby girl. Aww!!!

▼ Look at that adorable face! Oh, and the baby is quite cute, too!

Now, here’s where things get a little weird, and where certain netizens have begun to react with self-righteous indignation. Mei Acai’s wife, Mei Dasha, is… (or, was at the time the original forum posts were made) a high school student.

Apparently, it’s legal to marry from the age of 17 in Ukraine, and the pair married when Dasha was 18, so everything’s above-board here. However, some have expressed astonishment that such a mature-looking lady could still be in high school.

▼ Seriously though, how many high-schoolers look like this?

Certain salty individuals have also commented that they cannot believe such an attractive woman would be interested in a “regular guy from China.”

▼ But he’s also sort of a hottie, no?

Others have made snark-tastic remarks such as “she’s probably only with him for his money”. But according to Mei Acai’s forum posts, he came to the Ukraine with nothing and only became successful after meeting his future wife.

In fact, quite a few of the comments from Chinese users (as reported by Chinasmack.com) have left us sighing with disappointment at the negative attitudes being expressed towards a couple whose union seems to have only enriched both of their lives. Here’s two of the most cynical reactions we spotted:

“One way to judge a man’s worth is to see whether or not you can marry a foreign woman (European or American). Middle Eastern, African, Southeast Asian don’t count.”

“When a man marries a foreigner, it’ll make the news, and seems to even bring a bit of pride. That’s because such cases are extremely rare. When a [Chinese] woman marries a foreigner, there is nothing, because [such cases] are too many.”

What do you think of this international love story?

Source: Chinasmack.com, Chinadaily.com 
Images: Chinasmack.com