Manga that make you sweat every time you read it.

Weekly manga magazine Shonen Jump has been instrumental in publishing some of the most iconic series of all time. Many readers enjoy seeing adrenaline-pumping battles involving secret techniques and over-the-top transformations, for where else can you witness such clashes between greats except the world of manga?

A recent poll of 4,025 Japanese readers revealed which manga they thought had the best fights ever, and looking at some of the entries, they were all very close indeed. Let’s take a look at the top 10 series with the most epic fights in Shonen Jump history. *Warning! Potential spoilers ahead!*

10. Bleach (118 votes)

Combine katana swords in a world filled with spirits and you get Bleach, an action-packed series with some of the most powerful characters ever to grace the pages of Shonen Jump. Each transformation by protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki is accompanied by fierce combat where the slightest mistakes cost dearly.

9. Medaka Box (124 votes)

Medaka Box follows the members of a school’s student council as they seek to improve their academy using any methods at their disposal, including bloody combat.

8. Naruto (129 votes)

Naruto proves to be a hit among many Japanese readers, featuring a host of crazy ninja techniques and secret arts that leave you wanting more.

7. Fist of the North Star (161 votes)

The Fist of the North Star is old, 34 years old in fact. Yet the Bruce Lee-like protagonist Kenshiro and his heroic deeds remains fresh in the hearts of many readers.

6. My Hero Academia (172 votes)

My Hero Academia features Izuku Midoriya, an ordinary boy without superpowers but who has dreams of becoming a hero. This relatively new series boasts some of the most supercharged battles in recent history.

5. HUNTER X HUNTER (196 votes)

A young boy named Gon follows in his father’s footsteps and departs in an adventure to become a world-renowned Hunter, meeting incredibly formidable enemies along the way, hoping to reunite with his father once again.

4. The Prince of Tennis (438 votes)

It’s not even about tennis anymore when the players summon tidal waves and firestorms to smash their opponents into oblivion. And let’s not get started about that shot powerful enough to make dinosaurs extinct, making The Prince of Tennis‘s exaggerating style so refreshing that it can be borderline comedic.

3. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (439 votes)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure overflows with creativity, showcasing crazy villains and equally crazy moves that make you wonder if the creator has a few screws loose. ORA ORA!

2. One Piece (441 votes)

Emerging in the second spot is One Piece, where Luffy seeks to become the Pirate King along with the help of his trusty comrades. When you have a world where the protagonist’s power to stretch his rubber limbs incredible distances is on the lower end of the power spectrum, you know the battles are going to be intense.

1. Dragon Ball (570 votes)

When it comes to flashy battles, few come close to those of Dragon Ball. The legendary cast of heroes and supervillains help fuel the best fights in Shonen Jump history for Japanese readers.

Personally I’d move My Hero Academia up a few spots in the rankings, but I’ve got to admit it’s next to impossible to compete with the fight scenes in Dragon Ball. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s going to be hard to beat too given its unusual villains and the outright weird sound effects they using when fighting.

Source: Goo Rankings
Top image: Pakutaso