JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fans, listen up! Or don’t because you might walk away a little disappointed. Tokyo’s Tower Records Shibuya location has collaborated with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders to create a café dedicated to JoJo for the month of JuJune.

As much as we wanted it to be like walking into the real-life world of the bestselling manga and anime, unfortunately it didn’t quite meet our expectations. But then again, they were pretty high…

Our cafe-hopping Japanese staff member, Mr. Sato, had the honor of heading over to Shibuya at 8:30am on June 3 to stand in line for the 10am opening of the JoJo Café (as we’ll be referring to it for the sake of ease).

▼ That’s weird. Not only is the line not out the door, but there were only two people in front of him! Lucky!


While waiting to get in, Mr. Sato reminisced about his visit to Funa Café last year. This cafe, dedicated to fairy pear mascot character Funasshi, was similarly a temporary installment, but had exquisitely Funasshi-esque decor and the food was so intricately prepared that your heart would explode from Funasshi cuteness-overload before you even tasted how delicious it was. Needless to say, the Funa Café was a great success and set the standard pretty high for JoJo and friends.

▼ Do you feel completely engrossed in the JoJo world? No, Mr. Sato didn’t either.


Finally, Mr. Sato got into the JoJo Café and was a little underwhelmed by the decorations. There were pictures on the walls and every seat had an animated place mat, but it was not quite as over-the-top as he’d expected.

▼ There are lots of wall decorations though!


▼ That’s a pretty fun place mat.


Maybe instead of decorations, they put most of their effort into preparing wild and crazy food options? Well, not really… The menu is pretty limited and a little on the expensive side. One notable option was the “‘Dio’s dripping blood’ bloody orange juice with ‘Do you remember how many slices of bread you’ve eaten until now?’ English-style roast beef sandwich set,” priced at 1,800 yen (US$14.50).


▼ Being only 10am, Mr. Sato settled for the “Jotaro Ora Ora Chai” (with coaster) for 750 yen ($6).


Mr. Sato’s bizarre adventure was not quite over though, as he had yet to see the gift shop and anime exhibit on the 8th floor. While the interior decoration of the café was not quite as he expected, Mr. Sato was excited to see that the elevator doors on every floor were fully decked out in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders advertisements.

▼ The 8th floor anime exhibition was also pretty good and fans of the series would be pretty pleased with it.


▼ If you go, make sure to check out the elevators on every floor!



While the JoJo Café was not quite as outlandish as we’d hoped and expected after the Funa Café, it was still definitely a themed café that any die-hard JoJo fan would appreciate. And in the end, one has to remember that Funasshi is a pretty hard act to follow.

Tower Records Shibuya meets JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders
Open: June 3- 21 (Café), June 3-30 (Exhibit)
Hours: 10 AM- 11 PM (One hour time limit during rush)

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