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Sushi is the traditional food of Japan, and some restaurants have even gone as far as serving a single type of sushi for 40 years. Laid on balls of vinegared rice are an astounding range of fresh toppings that will satisfy even the most finicky of tastebuds. But even so, there are some that remain more popular than others.

Kyotaru is a sushi chain in Japan that has been operating for more than 60 years and has recently conducted a survey on 1000 customers to find out exactly which sushi topping is the most popular. Here they are from least to most popular:

15. Sea urchin (uni)

Uni, as they are known in Japan, are sea urchin gonads. It has a creamy texture and a slightly pungent aroma, which certainly makes it an acquired taste. Many Japanese people consider this a luxurious delicacy.

14. Fried egg (tamagoyaki)

The sweet and humble fried egg is simple yet elegant, and is a great starting dish for people trying out sushi for the first time.

13. Conger eel (anago)

Anago is known for its delicate sweetness, which is a stark contrast to the bold and rich taste of its freshwater counterpart, the unagi.

12. Scallop (hotate)

Scallops are awesome when cooked, but just as fantastic when eaten raw on vinegared rice.

11. Flounder (engawa)

Engawa when eaten raw has a refreshing crunchy texture, with a unique flavor that develops as you continue chewing on it.

10. Yellowtail (hamachi)

The fish’s high fat content creates a smooth buttery texture and rich flavor, making it one of Japan’s favorite sushi toppings.

9. Extra fatty tuna (otoro)

Tuna is the beef of the sea, with different cuts having distinctive textures and flavors. The fattiest and most expensive part of all is the otoro, which is so fatty that it can be indistinguishable from high-grade beef at times.

8. Sweet shrimp (amaebi)

These peculiar shrimps are naturally sweet but small, and are thus served in pairs. As cooking quickly robs them of flavor, they are usually enjoyed in their raw form.

7. Salmon roe (ikura)

Ikura are essentially bright orange packets of exquisite salmon essence just waiting to burst. Much larger than your average caviar, popping these in your mouth can be so incredibly addictive.

6. Squid (ika)

Squid can be really crunchy and refreshing when fresh, but become rubbery and tough to chew when they’ve been on the supermarket shelves for too long.

5. Shrimp (ebi)

Simple and delicious, ebi sushi is a staple in every Japanese sushi restaurant.

4. Minced tuna with spring onions (negitoro)

It might not look appetizing, but minced raw tuna has a surprisingly creamy flavor that pairs really well with soy sauce.

3. Tuna (akami)

Often the cheapest cut of tuna, the akami’s lack of fat is great for people on a diet.

2. Fatty tuna (chutoro)

Chutoro’s perfect balance between tuna meat and fat makes it one of the top favorites among sushi lovers.

1. Salmon (sake)

Universally loved by just about everyone, its unique buttery flavor has won fans not only in Japan, but all over the world as well.

After going through all these pictures of delicious sushi, why not do yourself a favor and head out to your closest sushi restaurant? It might be expensive depending on where you live, but there’s bound to be some really cheap ones if you know where to look.

Source: Kyotaru News Release
Top image: Pakutaso

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