Despite the fact that we’re entering the Year of the Ox, might as well start off with some fish.

Born from a collaboration between Japanese electronics company Brother Industries and the prevalent sushi chain Sushi Zanmai, papercraft fans as well as folks who are looking for things to do that don’t involve getting in direct contact with a ton of people can now enjoy two new papercraft sets of an easily disassembled tuna and a plate of nigiri sushi.

▼ Is it Sushi Zanmai if we don’t have the beaming face of its corporate leader, Kiyoshi Kimura, on every advertising spread?

Ever wanted to roleplay as a tuna butcher but don’t do so well with blood? Now you can build this tuna out of paper and rip it apart without inflicting a gory mess on your kitchen. The tuna papercraft set also comes with a yanagiba, or a traditional Japanese sushi knife, to complete the aesthetic.

▼ It goes without saying, but it never hurts to be reiterated: if younger ones are papercrafting, please be careful with any blades used to cut out the pieces!

▼ The tuna papercraft set also takes the liberty of labeling each part of the tuna.

If you prefer to make something more straightforward to display, there’s also a platter of nigiri sushi available for download. From the photo below, the top row starting from the left includes pieces familiar to sushi aficionados such as egg, sea urchin, and salmon roe.

Moving to the bottom row and starting from the left, we also get lean tuna, fatty tuna, salmon, flounder fin, octopus, botan shrimp, and eel broiled in soy sauce.

▼ This shrimp head looks like it’ll be good puppet show material.

▼ The set even includes papercraft ginger!

Along with the papercraft tuna and nigiri sushi, the collaboration between Brother Industries and Sushi Zanmai also comes with two nengajo, traditional Japanese New Year greeting cards, designs anyone can print and use.

One design sports classical motifs of Japanese iconography such as Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms, while the other design highlights a large tuna in its center. Both designs will certainly deliver a strong impression to anyone who receives them!

The best part of the papercraft sets and the cards? They’re all available for free here. Simply click on the specific papercraft piece you want to create and you’ll be directed to its respective download page. All papercraft sets are available as PDFs and come with assembly instructions.

And if you’re still in the mood for papercraft afterward, there’s also this free papercraft set of Akihabara’s main street.

Source, images: Brother Industries via  PR Times, Netlab
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