Customers come here for more than just the noodles.

Whether it’s food, travel or people, our Japanese-language reporters are always on the lookout for beauty, so when they come across a story that combines all three in one neat package, they want to shout about it from the rooftops, and that’s what they’re currently doing with a young Taiwanese woman called Ka.

With her cute and girlish charm, Ka has been attracting a lot of attention in her home country and in Japan, where people have elevated her to the status of an idol-class beauty. Instead of singing and dancing on stage, though, Ka spends her days working in an arguably less glamorous job, serving noodles to customers at a street stall in Taiwan.

That doesn’t mean she can’t dress up in cute outfits, though, and its her penchant for twin tails and mini skirts that’s really igniting a lot of interest online. The frilly one-piece dress she’s pictured in below doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination if she ever has to reach down in a rush to pick something up off the ground at work.

Her good looks and personality are just two of the ingredients behind her recipe for success, with customers claiming her noodles taste pretty good too. According to this news story filmed by media in Taiwan, Ka’s business is flourishing, and she’s a hit with hungry diners.

If you’d like to try Ka’s delicious noodles, you’ll be able to find her working hard at her stall at Wenhua Road in Taiwan’s Chiayi City. You’ll have to get up early to see her though, as she’s only there from 7-10 a.m. If you do manage to meet up with her, be sure to send her a hello from us, and a special hello from Mr Sato too, who says he’s her biggest fan.

Sources: YouTube/東森新聞 CH51 , Sanli News , ETTV
Featured image: YouTube/東森新聞 CH51 

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