The little girl’s love for the mysterious anime spirit is so adorable fans have turned her into a hilarious Internet meme.

Momo, a 2-year-old girl from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, has been melting hearts around the world after she was pictured dressing up for her kindergarten Halloween costume party as the character No Face from the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away.

▼ On an ordinary day, the bubbly toddler usually blends in with her classmates.

On Friday, however, after telling her mother that she wanted to dress as the black figure of No Face for her school’s Halloween costume party, Momo was totally transformed.

She might not be big enough to sit in a car without a booster seat, but that doesn’t mean she can’t pull off dressing up as one of the biggest stars in the Studio Ghibli film library!

▼ When Momo arrived at school, she immediately turned heads wherever she went.

While her classmates chose to dress as more friendly characters, this little girl stayed strong with her allegiance to the mysterious spirit from Spirited Away.

▼ She even stayed in character when excited parents photographed her.

▼ And she took it all in her stride when her costume made other children cry.

▼ Thankfully, when she ate a cookie, she didn’t turn into an enormous, people-gobbling monster like the character from the movie!

Momo’s cute photos, posted on Facebook by her mother, were so adorable they inspired a number of hilarious memes online.

▼ Here Momo appears on the bridge between the real world and the world of Spirited Away.

▼ And here she sits next to the film’s star, Chihiro, on the train.

Momo’s cute choice of Halloween costume is continuing to win fans from around the globe, with a number of media outlets abroad picking up on her adorable story. Now that she’s set the bar so high for herself, we can’t wait to see what her choice of costume will be for next year!

Source: Yurukuyaru
Featured image: Facebook/艾摩妞的萌寶&咩寶
Insert images: Facebook/艾摩妞的萌寶&咩寶