Get excited with us with these real-time thoughts about Shin Godzilla as viewers celebrate its debut on Japanese television. 

Finally…at long last! On November 12, Shin Godzilla made its long-awaited debut on Japanese TV. This big hit movie has become a social phenomenon since its release into Japanese theaters on July 29, 2016.

Even among the legendary Godzilla films released in the last half-century, this one has something special that makes it stand out from the crowd. Here are 40 real-time reactions from Japanese viewers that will get you hyped to re-watch it, too.

If you haven’t watched it though, beware….minor spoilers may be ahead!

Ready? Go!

40 Japanese reactions to Shin Godzilla
1. The first Japanese Godzilla film in 12 years!!
2. Can you believe that Hideaki Anno, legendary director of Neon Genesis Evangelion, directed and wrote the screenplay?!
3. The worldview in this movie is weird….
4. Is this going to be okay????
5. (After seeing the movie) It definitely was okay!!!!
6. It’s a masterpiece. A major success!
7. I’d expect no less from Anno-san!
8. I’ve got to re-watch Evangelion now.
9. Aaand now I can’t stop thinking about how maybe Godzilla was some kind of an apostle in this movie.
10. Who the heck came up with a Godzilla like this??
11. It’s the biggest Godzilla ever! It’s 118.5 meters (almost 390 feet) tall!!!
12. Is he EVOLVING?!
13. The audience is going nuts for the visuals of this second form!
14. Actually it was kind of gross…
15. The dripping body fluids kinda turned me off.
16. Somehow I love the nickname “Kamata-kun”.
17. Kamata-kun got so excited for the second production!
18. No matter how many times I hear Godzilla’s theme song, I get chills…
19. Godzilla’s fourth form is so cool!!
20. Radioactive waves are not so cool, though.

21. The dialogue is so fast!
22. I think I need subtitles for this…
23. I’m going to start saying “Gajira” like Kayako Anne Patterson (played by Satomi Ishihara) instead of the original Japanese “Gojira”.
24. I totally understand how useless it is to consult experts in emergency situations now…
25. The council scenes are so real.
26. It was so smart to call Yaguchi’s plan to defeat Godzilla the Yashiori Plan. (Yashiori is a legendary sake from Japanese mythology that was used to defeat an eight-headed, eight-tailed Japanese serpent.)
27. Check out that unmanned train bomb blowing up Godzilla!
28. Trains were always Godzilla’s victims in the old movies, but not this time, buddy!
29. The song “Uchuu Daisensou March (Battle in Outer Space)” is so awesome!
30. Even though he wasn’t on screen for long, Shouichi Izumi (Satoru Matsuo) from the Conservative Party had a strangely impressive presence.
31. So many personal connections…
32. I think shadows are the real main characters in this movie.
33. “First, you’ve got to calm down!” must be the catchphrase of Shin Godzilla.
34. “This is no time for manners. This is work,” is now my favorite motto (as said by Japan Self-Defense Forces Chief of Staff Masao Zaizen, of course).
35. These characters are totally different from the ones in Godzilla: Final Wars.
36. Even though she loses to Kayoko in the movie, we can’t deny the heroism of Hiromi Ogarashi (played by Mikiko Ichikawa). She doesn’t lose to Kayoko in my book.
37. It’s beautiful how little makeup they use.
38. All of the characters are so human, I feel like I know them!
39. Shin Godzilla: A movie that brings to light a lot of problems in our modern age!
40. I loved it. You better love it too.

Are you planning your re-watch party now? It’s even better the second time around! Plus, if you watch closely you might find some of these freeze-frame sight gags that some fans found while watching the movie…or maybe you can even find more! Happy watching!

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