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Get in the damn kaiju, Shinji.

While this summer’s Shin Godzilla (literally “New Godzilla”) is noteworthy for being the first Japanese-produced outing for the King of the Monsters since 2004, the really big news is that Hideaki Anno, creator of landmark anime series Evangelion, is directing the film. Technically, he’s a co-director, sharing the title with Shinju Higuchi (director of the live action Attack on Titan films), but not only is Anno getting top billing in the movie’s promotional materials, and his directorial style is all over the trailer for Shin Godzilla.

As such, the popular opinion is that the newest installment of the kaiju franchise is very much Anno’s baby, so much so that many are half-jokingly wondering if we’ll ever get a Godzilla/Evangelion crossover. We’ve already seen some professional-grade artwork teasing such a possibility, and now comes this figure of Mechagodzilla painted in the colors of Evangelion Unit-01.

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Billed as “The miraculous collaboration,” the figure is officially called the Mecha Godzilla Test Type Version. Starting with the Mechagodzilla design as its base, the figure not only repaints the robotic monster in the colors of Evangelion Unit-01, it also looks to have extended the spiky protrusions along its back, making the finished product even more evocative of the anime bioweapon.

Standing 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) tall, the PVC Mecha Godzilla Test Type Version is available exclusively through 7-Eleven Japan. It’s priced at 3,880 yen (US$36), but that also includes a ticket to see Shin Godzilla in theaters. While that might seem like an underhanded way to force people into purchasing two things at once, if you’re the kind of fan who’s in the market for an Eva Godzilla figurine, we can’t imagine you aren’t also planning on seeing Anno’s upcoming film.

The figure can be ordered online here through the 7-Eleven Net website. Be advised, though, that production is limited to just 4,000 units, so if you want to get your hands on one, you’ll have to act with the same sort of speed panicked Tokyoites display in fleeing from Godzilla in the films in which he stars.

Source: IT Media
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