Amazing Kaiju mini-statue costs a king of the monsters’ ransom.

While director Hideaki Anno is a vocal fan of old-school, practical effect-laden kaiju movies and tokusatsu TV shows like Ultraman, his most recently completed project, Shin Godzilla, uses plenty of CG, especially for the titular star himself. That’s just the nature of film-making these days, as a guy in a rubber suit isn’t going to jive with audience expectations and standards for a big-budget, mainstream motion picture.

That said, even traditionalists will have to admit that the King of the Monsters looks pretty impressive in his latest movie, thanks to the hard work of its team of computer animators. And if you’re still sad about the newest on-screen Godzilla not having a physical body, perhaps buying this awesome jumbo-sized figure will fill the kaiju-shaped hole in your heart.


Based on the CG model used for the production of Shin Godzilla, the resin figure stands 52 centimeters (20.5 inches) tall. The figure is monotone (like the CG render), but the choice of a lighter color than Godzilla’s typical dark green helps highlight the extremely intricate details of his scales, spines, teeth, and skin.


The figure’s creation was a labor of love on the part of Anno, who not only served as product planning supervisor for it, but asked the manufacturers to sell it for, in his words, as low a price as possible. While that’s a heart-warming gesture to fans, this level of craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap, though, and the figure is priced at 993,600 yen (US$9,650).


It’s actually a little surprising that they didn’t just round that off to a cool million yen, since any fan willing to drop that much on Godzilla figure is hard-core enough that he or she would have undoubtedly been proud to own a seven-figure piece of merch. Either way, domestic preorders are being taken through the Evangelion Store (Evangelion being Anno’s other big hit) here between now and September 30.

Source: Kai-You
Images: Evangelion Store

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