Hideaki Anno

Photographic evidence that the fourth and final new Evangelion anime movie has started production

Director and voice cast of groundbreaking, long-stalled anime franchise gather for formal ceremony.

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Evangelion returns to legal English-language distribution with Netflix streaming deal【Video】

Get in the damn streaming service, Shinji.

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Godzilla will fight Evangelion this summer at Universal Studios Japan

Get in the damn crossover, Shinji!

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New Evangelion anime movie teaser trailer appears after six years of waiting【Video】

Creators throw patient fans a jaw-droppingly gorgeous bone.

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After six years of waiting, fourth Evangelion Rebuild movie finally gets an official release year

We can (hardly) believe it, but the long-awaited anime is finally going to get in the damn theater!

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Legendary anime Evangelion’s creator and mecha appear in ad for Sapporo Beer【Video】

Hideaki Anno explains his philosophy of personal improvement while the giant robot from his signature series makes a cameo.

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Evangelion director calls Hayao Miyazaki “geezer” in anime commentary, says he broke his Walkman

Hideaki Anno recalls working on Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind with the Studio Ghibli legend.

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40 Japanese reactions to the Shin Godzilla movie!

Get excited with us with these real-time thoughts about Shin Godzilla as viewers celebrate its debut on Japanese television. 

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Evangelion and pizza: The weird freeze-frame sight gags of Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla is the heaviest kaiju movie in years, but there are still laughs to be found if you know where to look.

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Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno’s production company is suing Gainax, the studio he co-founded

Latest Evangelion-related desire is less “Get in the damn robot!” and more “Pay the damn royalties!”

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Anime’s Hideaki Anno apologizes to fans, talks about “soul-scraping” pain of making Evangelion

Director says he recently felt like he’d “never create anything again.”

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Godzilla/Evangelion crossover figure: Two giants of Japanese storytelling in one awesome package

Get in the damn kaiju, Shinji.

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Shin Godzilla trailer released, hits very close to home【Video】

This retelling of the classic tokusatsu tale looks to be surprisingly fresh and nostalgic all at the same time.

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Evangelion creator says even Hayao Miyazaki anime don’t have enough Miyazaki

How much of a Hayao Miyazaki purist are you? Have you never once set your Spirited Away DVD to the English-dubbed audio? Do you cringe at the thought of watching Castle in the Sky Laputa with its reworked soundtrack? Do you actually pronounce warrior princess Nausicaa’s name with the “shi” sound it contains when rendered in Japanese text?

Even if you answered yes to all those questions, it’s unlikely you’ve got as much love for the Studio Ghibli cofounder as Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno. Why? Because for Anno, even movies directed and written by Miyazaki himself don’t have enough Miyazaki-created content.

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Studio Ghibli involved in six great art exhibitions that you just have to see this summer

Waiting for the next Studio Ghibli film is like waiting for the next Game of Thrones book, it never comes soon enough! And with no new projects announced since the completion of When Marnie Was There in 2014, Ghibli fans may have a longer wait than those waiting for The Winds of Winter.

Luckily, movies aren’t the only way to lose yourself in a Studio Ghibli world. For those who can’t wait, there are six different exhibits in Japan that are connected with the fantastical Ghibli places that have become so familiar thanks to the movies and better yet, they are all being held right now.

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Anime and reality cross over with Shirobako animator cameos, behind-the-scenes credit sequence

While there are plenty of American movies and TV series set against the backdrop of producing a film or television show, Japanese animation usually doesn’t get so self-reflective. So anime fans were in for a treat with the recently concluded Shirobako, which focused on a group of five friends trying to establish their careers in the animation field.

But while Shirobako is a work of fiction about creating other works of fiction, it was still produced by a team of hard-working real-life men and women, many of whom finally get to step in front of the camera in this special credit sequence for the anime. And bringing the circle back around to fiction again, it turns out many of the characters who appear in Shirobako are based on famous animators, directors, and voice actresses, as depicted in this detailed side-by-side chart that shows some uncanny likenesses between Shirobako characters and their inspirations.

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Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno opens up about his latest bout with depression, movie delays

The jury is still out on whether or not the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series is a reboot, sequel, or some hybrid of the two. What we do know is that certain things that happened in the original Evangelion TV series and the franchise’s first three movies are repeating themselves. Protagonist Shinji gets press-ganged into piloting a giant robot to fight space monsters. His close friend Kaworu has a mysterious past and tragic fate.

And in the real world, working on the series casts creator and director Hideaki Anno into yet another a state of depression.

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Evangelion and Attack on Titan directors team up to create 2016 Godzilla movie

Do you like Evangelion? Do you like Attack on Titan?

Well then good news! It’s just been announced that the directors of both those movies, Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, are working on the upcoming 2016 Japanese Godzilla reboot film. With both of them having plenty of experience creating huge mechs and huge Titans, we can only expect that this Godzilla movie is going to be… well, huge!

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