This girl and her friends put on an unforgettable performance that’s making people smile around the world.

Ever since Disney’s Frozen movie made its debut back in 2013, people everywhere haven’t been able to get the show-stopping hit song “Let It Go” out of their head. Performed by the main character of Queen Elsa – voiced by American actress and singer Idina Menzel – the dramatic song comes at a pivotal point in the storyline, when Elsa is hidden away in the mountains, shunned from her kingdom after her magical ability to control snow and ice is discovered by the public.

The song marks the moment in the film when Elsa decides to embrace her skills, breaking free from the restrictions she endured since childhood, and includes dramatic special effects where she manipulates the snow and ice around her.

The moment is so powerful that it captures the hearts and minds of all who see it, and for one little girl and her friends, recreating the moment – complete with some awesome lip-synching – became a goal that was finally realised in this stunning performance, which was shared online recently.

Watch as the trio recreate the scene from the film, replacing expensive CGI with some low-cost effects that are just as powerful!

The girl who plays Elsa in the clip doesn’t shy away from bringing everything to her performance, dramatically walking around the space, using her face and body to express all the emotion of an exiled queen battling with inner turmoil.

The real drama begins at roughly a minute into the video, when her two friends scoot up behind her and add some white spray to her hand movements, perfectly recreating the sprays of snow seen in the movie.

The snow element becomes even more and more dramatic as the clip goes on, with more sprays, followed by silver streamers for that extra wow factor.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any more dramatic, the girls pull off the leading lady’s frock to reveal a beautiful long dress, completing Elsa’s transformation into self-empowered individual.

The performance ends with applause and screams of joy as the little girl flicks her scarf and struts away from the audience in a dramatic exit that has everyone wanting more. In fact, the mystery surrounding the video makes it even more compelling, as the Japanese uploader gives no other information about the clip other than to say that it’s three good friends winning an elementary school “lunch contest”.

Whoever the ten-year-old elementary school student is, she’s certainly well on her way to attracting even more attention from around the world following this inspired performance. If you know who she is or where it was filmed, let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Net Lab
Images: YouTube/ゾーン グレート