Video shows off famous Japanese actress/vocalist’s newest song for Disney’s snow queen.

It’s an exciting time for Disney fans, with the release of Frozen 2 just days away now. Theatrical sequels are still a rarity for Walt Disney Animation Studios (last year’s Ralph Breaks the Internet notwithstanding), and moviegoers are looking forward to seeing Elsa and Anna once again.

In Japan, though, there’s also an aural reunion Frozen fans have been waiting for, as actress Takako Matsu returns to voice Elsa in the Japanese-language dub of the movie. Also a best-selling vocalist, Matsu provided both Elsa’s speaking and singing voices in the first Frozen, and she’ll once again be doing double duty in Frozen 2, with Disney giving us a sneak-peak showcase of her musical talents in a video previewing the Japanese version of Frozen 2’s main theme song, “Into the Unknown.”

Officially, the Japanese version of the song is titled “Into the Unknown~Kokoro no Mama ni,” with the Japanese portion translating to “just as my/the Heart Is.” It makes for a nice bit of symmetry with the subtitle for the Japanese version of “Let It Go,” which was “Ari no Mama de,” meaning “just as I am.”

Of course, a huge reason why Disney’s films are so successful is that their songs are as infectiously sing-alongable as any Broadway musical, so if the above video has you wanting to partner up with Matsu for a duet, here’re the lyrics to “Into the Unknown~Kokoro no Mama ni.”

(I can hear it)
Demo muda yo
(But it’s no use)

Me wo samase Okiro to
(‘Open your eyes.’ ‘Awaken.’)
Ai suru hito tachi ha koko ni iru no
(The people I love are all right here)

Kiken wo okasu koto nido to shinai wa
(I’ll never do anything to put them in danger again)
Bouken ni ha mou unzari shiteru
(I’m sick of adventures)

Sore de mo ano koe ha motometeiru
(But still, the voice calls to me.)
Michi no tabi he
(A journey into the unknown)

Fumidase to
(Take the first step)
Michi no tabi he
(A journey into the unknown)

Anata ha doko na no
(Where are you?)
Sugata wo misete yo
(Show me where you are)

Frozen 2 opens in both Japan and the U.S. on November 22.

Source, images: YouTube/ディズニー・スタジオ公式
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