Seriously, someone give them the number to the Radio City Rockettes. 

Remember that viral video of the guy with the shovel who did the most epic slippery dance in the snow a few years back? Well, the following video posted a few days ago by Japanese Twitter user @04rr_ doesn’t quite match the length of that snowy samba, but it does display some impressive synchronized sisterly slipping:

“The big sister is the one holding an umbrella (even though it wasn’t snowing) and slipped. The younger sister, who didn’t learn her lesson the first time, even slipped again. They slipped perfectly in sync, feet and all. What high-level technical marks.”

As far as we’re concerned, they’re ready to try out for the next Olympic Synchronized Slipping Team. If not that, then I’m sure Evangelion’s NERV would be happy to recruit them to their Eva pilot synchronization training program.

▼ Shinji and Asuka were nowhere near the sisters’ level of synchronization at first, but they got there in the end.

Net users reacted to the video with appreciative comments: 

“Extraordinary synchronization rate. Their sisterly love comes through loud and clear ( ^ω^ )”
“Super cute! But I also hope that they take care.”
“The person who was recording this also deserves some credit.”
“Actually, I appreciate the design on her umbrella more than anything.”
“That’s an everyday occurrence in Sapporo. Trust me, I know… “

Regardless, we’ll be keeping the Rockettes’ number on hand–just in case.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@04rr_