We spotted an umbrella thief in the act on the streets of Tokyo, and it left us feeling strange

Rainy-day crime gives our witness a lot to think about.

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Relive an iconic scene from anime Weathering with You with Japan’s rentable Hina umbrellas

Take Hina with you for all kinds of weather this weekend!

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SoraNews24 founder develops effective yet inexpensive COVID-19 guards for restaurants

It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because he signs my cheques.

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Make all your friends jelly with these umbrellas inspired by jellyfish【Pics】

A collaboration between an online retailer and an aquarium dedicated to researching one of Earth’s most fascinating creatures.

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Tokyo’s new rental umbrella service is perfect for sudden showers, staying dry on the cheap

Sometimes umbrella ownership is just too much responsibility to handle.

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We tested out an anti-UV umbrella to see how much it cools us down in this dreadful summer heat

Is it just a marketing gimmick or a brilliant invention of the century?

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Drone-powered parasols possibly coming to Japanese golf courses in 2019

Oh, you use a stick to hold your parasol? How…quaint.

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Twitter user suggests creative idea to prevent umbrella theft, receives ovation from netizens

A computer chip on a rainy day keeps the thieves away.

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Cute sisters in Japan take a snowy spill perfectly in-sync with each other【Video】

Seriously, someone give them the number to the Radio City Rockettes. 

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Award-winning umbrella that transports you into a manga finally hits the market

Other award-winning items up for sale include rags that look cuter with dirt and tea that tastes like the cosmos.

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Vintage kimono can now be recycled into beautiful Japanese-style parasols! 【Pics】

How would you like a lovely one-of-a-kind parasol made with material from an authentic kimono?

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The world’s first smart umbrella is the last umbrella you’ll ever lose!

The “Fantastick” Mr. Jonas is a real keeper!

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An insider’s look at how Salvador Dali’s beloved traditional Japanese-style umbrellas are made

Just what is it about Japanese style umbrellas that captured Salvador Dali’s heart? HIYOSHIYA may give you a hint or two.

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Hydrophobic umbrellas are here to prevent sogginess during Japan’s infamous rainy season

If only umbrellas were even MORE waterproof! Oh wait, now they are.

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Take cover from April showers with an umbrella that blossoms into a flower every time you use it!

From viral hit to real product with the help of fans online!

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Umbrella decides it’s had enough of the rain, flies off handle【Video】

We’ve all experienced this frustrating situation–it’s a rainy day, and as if to add insult to injury, your umbrella suddenly decides to break in what has to be an act of sheer defiance against you.

Net users sympathized with the following clip posted by one such unlucky soul. It certainly looks like the umbrella is doing nothing but mocking him, since it only decides to open after flying clean off the handle!

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Japan’s latest awkward invention: the chair-umbrella 【Pics & Video】

Japanese inventions have a reputation for being incredibly awesome, incredibly bizarre, and, um, even more incredibly bizarre. And this latest creation is no exception: say hello to the chair-umbrella.

Ever needed a seat but all you had was a stupid, useless umbrella? Well never again! Just turn this amazing invention upside-down, open it up, sit on down, and prepare to be stared at and asked if you need to be taken to a hospital.

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GAX-G1, the inside out umbrella that may have just revolutionized the age-old tool【Video】

Umbrellas have been around for a very, very long time. The oldest record of a collapsible umbrella dates back to 21 A.D. in ancient China. While that in itself is pretty crazy, what’s even crazier is that the core design hasn’t really changed.

Never say never, though! A Japanese company has recently released an umbrella that is backwards to any umbrella you’ve seen before…literally.

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Awesome Air Umbrella from China keeps you dry with blasts of air

It’s raining in Yokohama right now. I’m about to go pick up lunch, though, which means that when I head out the door I’ll need to take my umbrella, which is a cheap collapsible model I bought for 500 yen (US$4.60).

But should I decide to upgrade, a team of engineers in China is developing an umbrella that shields you from the rain not with a sheet of flimsy nylon, but with blasts of air, in the form of the aptly named Air Umbrella.

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Always live where the sun doesn’t shine with the ultimate in weird parasol technology

People from other countries may be surprised by the number of people using umbrellas on a sunny day in Japan. However, after experiencing the scorching summers in many urban centers across the land, it’s not surprising why so many carry their own shade.

Of course there’s the obvious UV protection reasons where people wish to avoid melanoma and maintain that deathly pale complexion that’s all the rage here. There’s also the simpler reason that the sun can be freaking intense during the dog days and shade is a rare commodity on city streets.

In fact it can be so powerful that even with your standard parasol, daylight can manage to creep in and threaten your well-being. That’s why someone developed the next level in umbrella technology with Rain or Shine Umbrella for Use at the Game. With a name that catchy, you know it’s gonna be good!

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