Get in the damn groove, Shinji!

With the final Rebuild of Evangelion’s June release date rescinded due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans’ hopes for closure have been thoroughly dashed. However, there is comfort in all the cool ancillary promotions that were set to occur with the film’s release but are still planning to go ahead, such as the Evangelion Tamagotchis.

And from renowned guitar maker Fender, we have the upcoming release of a very special limited edition Evangelion Asuka Telecaster.

The body of the guitar is painted in the color scheme of legendary anime heroine Asuka’s plugsuit and has the Eva Unit 02 insignia on the fretboard. The knobs and pegs are also designed to resemble features on the suit.

It also uses both Alumitone Single Coil and Alumitone Humbucker pickups, which gives off less of a buzz and a somewhat beefy sound. But more importantly for the Asuka Telecaster, the pickups’ uniquely designed aluminum structure add to the overall mecha theme.

On the neck plate the Nerv logo can be found along with a three-digit ID number.

It also comes in a hard case with a Nerv decal along with a picture of Asuka holding the guitar which was drawn by the Rebuild of Evangelion director Kazuya Tsurumaki. Along with a rundown of the guitar’s components and its ID number.

The Evangelion Asuka Telecaster will sell for around 250,000 yen (US$2,300) which is undoubtedly pricey but not outrageous considering the limited availability. Also, compared to other theme guitars like the Godzilla Guitar, more emphasis seems to have been put on sound quality and playability here, making it a more worthwhile investment.

If the price hurdle can be overcome, it seems like it’ll be the ultimate addition to the arsenal of any emo band guitarist when it goes on sale in this July.

Source, images: PR Times
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