Because when your name is the Hotel Mt. Fuji, you want your customers to be sure they’re going to see Japan’s most famous mountain.

It’s kind of ironic that while Mt. Fuji is one of, if not the absolute, most iconic views of Japan, it’s also one of the least reliable. Due to the surrounding weather patterns and topography, Mt. Fuji is often covered in clouds and mists, much to the disappointment of travelers with their cameras out and ready as they speed past it on the Shinkansen, or, even more heartbreakingly, who make reservations at local hotels specifically for the purpose of gazing upon the mountain’s majesty.

Visibility is an especially big concern for the guests of Yamanashi Prefecture’s Hotel Mt. Fuji. As you can guess from its name, the hotel’s main draw is its Fuji views, not only from its guestrooms but also from its rooftop open-air baths, which were newly renovated this past August.

The management knows that guests who happen to stay at the hotel on a cloudy day are probably going to go home disappointed, and so it has a plan to help ease the pain. Between January 9 and 19, if you’re unable to see the peak of Mt. Fuji for at least a minute due to cloudy or snowy weather between when you check in and check out, you can come back and stay at the hotel for another night free of charge on a later date.

The fine print has a few more conditions, one of which is that only guests who check out between 7 and 11 a.m. are eligible for the free return stay (i.e. checking out before sunrise voids the deal). Also ineligible are guests who made their reservation only one day before their stay or who showed up without a reservation, ostensibly to prevent people from purposely showing up on cloudy days to get a free night later on. And finally, regardless of the grade of your initial room, the free night you’ll be rewarded is for a standard two-person room (though you can upgrade that for an additional fee).

Still, it’s a generous offer. Granted, the hotel’s risk isn’t all that terribly great, seeing as how January is one of the sunnier months in Japan. It’s also widely considered the month with the best views of Mt. Fuji, though, when the mountain wears a stately crown of snow, and with the security of this awesome offer, it’s hard to imagine a better time to see (or at least try to see) the famous symbol of Japan.

Hotel information
Hotel Mt. Fuji / ホテルマウント富士
Address: Yamanashi-ken, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanakako-mura, Yamanaka 1360-83

Source, images: PR Times
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