Cloud layer looks like line between dimensions in amazing shot taken far from the mountain’s peak.

Mt. Fuji is the most enduring and recognizable symbol of Japan, but ironically, it sometimes feels like something from a whole other world. The 3,776-meter (12,389-foot) mountain is so much taller than anything in its vicinity, and its largely undeveloped slopes so timeless, that when gazing at Mt. Fuji, it’s almost hard to believe that something so majestic could exist within our reality, and that surreal, sublime beauty is captured in this breathtaking photo from Japanese photographer and Twitter user @bee_tk_.

“Mt. Fuji, watching over the town from above the clouds” tweeted @bee_tk_ with the photo, and the mountain really does seem to have a stoically protective aura to it. In the foreground, we can see a lakeside city with its lights illuminating the underside of the cloud layer. The clouds’ tops, though, remain dark in the pre-dawn conditions, and form what looks like a carpet in the sky leading to Mt Fuji in the far-off distance.

And when we say far, we mean far. Mt. Fuji sits on the borderline between two prefectures, with Shizuoka to the south and Yamanashi to the north. @bee_tk_’s photo, though, was taken in Nagano, which is north of Yamanashi. Shot from a spot on Mt. Takabochi in the town of Okayashi, that’s Nagano’s Lake Suwa you can see in the photo, which is about 150 kilometers (93 miles) north of Mt. Fuji

Reactions to the amazing photo have included:

“Mt. Fuji looks so beautiful, and you can see the stars twinkling too!”
“So this is what people mean when they say something looks ‘divine.’”
“It’s like a vision of paradise.”
“Mt. Fuji really is in its own dimension.”

@bee_tk_ shot the photo at roughly 3 in the morning, but if you can’t imagine being up that late/early, don’t worry. As some of the photographer’s other work shows…

…Japan’s most famous mountain really is beautiful at any time of day.

Source: Twitter/@bee_tk_ via IT Media
Featured, insert image: Twitter/@bee_tk_
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