Life will come to an end someday, and it takes a special individual with a big heart to support those nearing the last legs of a long journey.

Japan’s aging population and declining birthrate paints a gloomy future for the nation, resulting in increased demand for committed care workers dedicated to providing assistance to the elderly.

The road to becoming a full-fledged care worker is fraught with hurdles. Certification is compulsory in Japan, and as caregiver @laughelper shows below, taking the national examination is not exactly a walk in the park either.

▼ Here’s one difficult question from the exam
that stumped netizens (translation below).

Mrs A (97 years old, female) has been admitted into a long-term care home. She has progressively weakened to the point of becoming unable to drink water on her own, and she’s often heard muttering ‘Ah, it’s time for me to pass away.’

One night, a care worker approached Mrs A’s bed to check on her condition. Mrs A opened her eyes and calmly said, ‘Is it my time to go yet?’

As the care worker, please choose the most appropriate response to Mrs A’s statement:

1. Encourage her to quickly return to sleep.
2. Hold and gently pat Mrs A’s hand.
3. Tell her that she shouldn’t say such things.
4. Assure Mrs A that you’ll get her family to contact her.
5. Think nothing of it and silently leave the room.

▼ It’s a tough but relevant question, as caregivers are bound
to come across something like this in their career.

Presented with a hopeless situation like this and five options that do little to ease the plight of Mrs A, Japanese netizens were torn:

“I think it’s number two. Huh? What’s this wetness coming from my eyes?”
“There’s no right or wrong. Depending on the case, all of them are correct.”
“I’ve been a care worker for 17 years now, but I don’t know the answer.”
“No, this is just too sad.”

One experienced caregiver gave a very different answer:

“When I’m put into such a position, this is what I would tell them while smiling brightly: ‘There are more elderly people recently, and heaven’s currently congested at the moment. When it’s your turn, they’ll call you. Have they called yet?’

I don’t think it’s a good answer, but some have smiled and replied ‘I see.’”

What would you do? Becoming a passionate caregiver is one of the noblest acts one can do for humankind, and looking at how Japan is spiraling into a bleak future by 2040, the country needs these courageous individuals now more than ever.

Source: Twitter/@laughelper via My Game News Flash
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