card game

Create the Boys Love fantasy you always dreamed of with this fun new BL card game

The only card game that makes you swoon the more you play it!

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Japan makes card game to help kids raise disaster prevention awareness

How do you get kids interested in natural disaster preparedness? With a game, of course.

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Company teaches Japanese kids about sex education using questionable animal mating card game

When you have children howling the word “impregnate!” over and over again to score, something’s really wrong.

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Amazing graduation project card game made by Kyoto University art student is simply incredible

So well crafted, in fact, that visitors to her exhibition stole some of them!

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Order your own historical sword-turned-hot-guy Touken Ranbu cake just in time for the holidays

Remember Touken Ranbu, that game where you turn historical Japanese swords into hot men? Well, one shop is now turning those men into delectable cakes!

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Upcoming Australian-made card game battle anime is a confusing mix of genres

The worldwide popularity of Japanese anime has certainly served as inspiration for many who aspire to be illustrators or animators in the future. The rise of anime has also influenced big names in good old American animation industry, such as Disney and Cartoon Network. In fact, Cartoon Network Asia will debut an Australian-made anime production in December, titled “Exchange Student Zero“.

The only problem is, they seem to have taken the idea of ‘exchange student’ a little too literally…

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