Elevator retaliates prank with swift karmic justice.

It’s common sense to respect a facility that literally carries life in its cradle, but if the humble elevator decides to take a break, then the best one can do is to wait it out, even if it takes five whole hours.

However one boy from Chongqing City, China decided to throw rationality out the window when he entered a lift on 23 February. Checking out a nearby advertisement while nonchalantly unzipping his pants, he took a leak on the control panel according to surveillance camera footage.

▼ Dude, that’s seriously not cool.

The footage makes it clear that this was intentionally malicious, seeing that he actually walked closer to the buttons and indulged in a bit of real-life Splatoon.

▼ Gotta hit them all for bonus points?

With the amount of disrespect pouring onto the control panel, it doesn’t come as a surprise then that the system short-circuited, trapping the boy in the elevator’s confined space together with his rank urine.

It didn’t take long before he was rescued from his predicament, and though he was safe for the moment, the surveillance video somehow “leaked” onto the Internet, bringing with it a flood of scathing comments.

When the boy’s parents were confronted about their son’s nefarious deed, they doubted the authenticity of the video, claiming that he wasn’t tall enough to urine directly onto the control panel.

Japanese netizens facepalmed and gave their judgement:

“The elevator hit enrage mode.”
“There sure are a lot of people peeing in elevators these days.”
“Not tall enough to reach the control panel? What kind of an excuse is that?”
“What kind of people are they to not admit fault when there’s clear video evidence like that?”

Now I’m no physics expert, but that prank could have electrocuted the boy if the current managed to travel up his stream. Nevertheless, such tendencies aren’t limited to only males, as females can be just as guilty too.

Source: NewsweekJapan, YouTube/Crazy China Videos via Hachima Kiko
Images: YouTube/Crazy China Videos