Famous director’s real life suddenly turns into what could be a scene from one of his organized crime movies.

Beat Takeshi is one of the most widely respected figures in Japanese show business. Internationally, he’s best known for his work as a film director and actor, with many of his projects set in Japan’s criminal underbelly, but he’s also a comedian, the author of multiple books, and a regular on the TV talk/variety show circuit in Japan. He’s even branched out into video game work, lending his likeness and voice to the sixth numbered installment of Sega’s Yakuza series.

Unfortunately, Takeshi ran into some trouble with a man believed to be part of the real-life yakuza last Saturday night. At around 11;40 p.m., Takeshi was leaving the studios of TV broadcaster TBS in downtown Tokyo’s Minato Ward when the car he was in was attacked by a man wielding a pickax. The attacker, who had been lying in wait on the premises, approached the car and swung the weapon at the vehicle’s windshield, attempting to shatter it. The police were summoned and quickly arrived on the scene, subduing the man before he could harm Takeshi or his driver. When they searched him, they found he was also carrying a knife, and so he’s been placed under arrest not only for the attack itself, but also for violation of Japan’s Sword and Firearm Control Law.

Based on questioning, the authorities believe the man is part of a yakuza organization operating out of Chiba, the prefecture that borders Tokyo to the east. However, the attack doesn’t appear to have been a mob-ordered hit on Takeshi. Instead, the man says that he was angry at the star following a June encounter in which he also snuck onto TBS property and asked Takeshi to become his mentor and show him the ropes of the entertainment industry. When Takeshi ignored his request, he says, developed a grudge which grew into last Saturday’s revenge attempt.

Takeshi, on the other hand, says he doesn’t know who the man is, implying that either the story of their first meeting is a fabrication the attacker invented, or that if it did indeed take place, the would-be apprentice failed to make any lasting impression. It’s doubtful Takeshi will ever forget the man now, but due to the reason why, he probably shouldn’t hold his breath that Takeshi will agree to take him under his wing.

Source: NHK News Web via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso
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