Victim pays the price for the man’s “fit of rage“.

Living in crowded cities means you’ll regularly be making contact with those around you, whether you’re simply brushing past each other on a busy sidewalk or are crushed up against each other on a packed train.

Most people take this sort of physical contact in stride, as it’s just a part of living life in close quarters with those around you. But one man from Taiwan recently lost his temper when the hair of a fellow diner brushed up against him.

The 57-year-old man, reported with his surname Huang, was at a hot pot restaurant in the Taiwanese city of Chiayi, when a female diner sitting next to him, 33-year-old Chen, turned around to check her order. In doing so, her long hair accidentally brushed against Huang’s arm, as can be seen in the video below.

Huang started yelling at Chen, accusing her of being unhygienic, and Chen retorted that he didn’t need to be yelling so loudly. A few seconds later, Huang can be seen picking up the bowl of soup in front of him and throwing the contents in Chen’s face.

Other diners rushed in to calm the man, and restaurant staff tended to Chen, running cold water on her face and providing her with ice cubes until an ambulance arrived. The hot soup resulted in first- and second-degree burns on her face and neck.

Huang told police he had acted in a fit of rage, and expressed regret for his actions, but it’s likely that he will be paying greatly for his temper, as Chen is rightfully filing a lawsuit against him. We hope that she will be successful and be able to move on with her life without any permanent damage.

Just another reminder that if you don’t like going to jail, then you shouldn’t throw soup in people’s faces or road-rage attack them with katana.

Source: YouTube/The AIO Entertainment, Mail Online
Featured Image: Youtube/The AIO Entertainment