Man who got entire town’s COVID relief money believed to have lost it all at online casinos

The Generals were due!

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Kim Jong-un summoned to appear in Tokyo District Court

It doesn’t hurt to ask.

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Tokyo man wins 21-million yen lawsuit after slipping on lettuce water, tempura ruling overturned

Two supermarket shoppers pick up injuries, but only one gets a courtroom win.

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Captain Tsubasa anime character cleared of gender-based violence charges by Chilean court

Judge rules slapping girl in the face did not constitute promoting violence towards women.

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Chef at top Tokyo sushi restaurant wins lawsuit after being fired for maybe having a tattoo

High-end sushi restaurant ordered to pay thousands of dollars in damages.

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17-year-old to sue Kagawa Prefecture over video game restricting ordinance

And what did you do over your school vacation?

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Taiwanese man set off by brush of woman’s hair, throws boiling soup on her face【Video】

Victim pays the price for the man’s “fit of rage“.

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Businessman ‘wins’ 4-year battle with Singapore Airlines after being downgraded to economy class

Anyone who is a frequent traveler has probably had their share of ups and downs when flying. But just how far would you go to make an airline pay for a minor inconvenience?

One Mr. GRK Reddy, an Indian businessmen, felt that he was so damaged by Singapore Airlines’ sudden decision to downgrade him from business to economy class back in 2011 that he decided to take legal action against the airline, demanding compensation of approximately US$83,000.

Four years later, Mr Reddy has finally been awarded his compensation, but it’s slightly less than the amount he originally requested…

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