Taiwanese man set off by brush of woman’s hair, throws boiling soup on her face【Video】

Victim pays the price for the man’s “fit of rage“.

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Woman creates a scene at auto show because her man won’t buy her a car【Video】

There are some things that children do that can ruin a nice day out for an adult or for the whole family, and such behavior is generally tolerated only because they’re kids and they have no idea what a nightmare they’re causing. But when a fully grown adult throws a tantrum in public, you can be sure that it’s probably going to end up on YouTube…

Don’t see what I’m trying to get at? You might have a better idea after watching this couple arguing at an auto show, the woman screaming and pulling at her man’s shirt because he won’t buy her the car she likes.

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Out of control plane fight made even better with silly subtitles【Video】

As a spectator, fights are either hilarious in their absurdity or scary in a “omg, imma die!” sort of way. But we can’t really tell which realm this fight inside a plane belongs to. There are so many moving parts: an angry woman who’s not afraid to hit a man twice her size, her attack dog boyfriend whose choice of weapon seems to be a clip board, and several other passengers who step in because they just want to get on with the flight. To make matters even more confusing, someone has added ridiculous subtitles to the mix, making for one crazy video. Enjoy!

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