You can take a doll out of the store, but the staff will have to cut off one of its fingers first…

More than 100 years after their conception, Kewpie dolls are still much-loved in Japan both for their association with the hit mayonnaise brand of the same name, and because they fit seamlessly into Japanese standards of kawaii.

Kewpie themed souvenirs can be found everywhere around the country, including the shop in the Asakusa area of Tokyo mentioned in the tweet below. This Kewpie, however, has made the bold statement of a full-body tattoo much like one you might find on a member of an organized crime syndicate.

▼ “Kewpies in Asakusa are scary.”

Perhaps the makers of this presumably unlicensed Kewpie recognized that yakuza have kids too. Or maybe they want to break down the antiquated stereotype that tattoos equal criminals.

I know I’d buy one for my daughter if we happened to come across it. However, I wouldn’t allow it into the bath with her. Sorry, but rules are rules.

Source: Twitter/@choinorida via Togech (Japanese)