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As Google Maps expands its reach across the globe, netizens are finding more and more hidden treasures amongst the usual images of street signs and roadways. Sure, we catch a flock of human pigeons every now and then, but this next photo gallery is a little subtler than mobs of masked people purposely trying to live on forever in Google Maps. No, this is a different kind of mob…the mob. The yakuza, rumored to number in the hundred-thousands in Japan, have landed themselves on Google Maps more than a few times and we’re not quite sure they appreciate being photographed.

The following set of pictures gives a little insight into just how happy the Japanese mafia is getting their picture taken.

▼ “The f*ck is that?”yakuza google street view4

▼ “It’s comin’ this way.”yakuza google street view

▼ “…”yakuza google street view2

▼ “Yeah, that’s right, keep movin'”yakuza google street view3

Of course, since their faces are blurred out, we can’t know for sure if they’re death-staring the Google Maps car or just interested in the space-ship-like photography vehicle, but these jump suit-clad members have definitely taken notice.

▼ But then again, who wouldn’t stop and stare at something like this.yakuza google street view5

Either way, we’re sure the driver of the Google Maps car was on edge driving past that mafia castle. As it turns out, alleged yakuza hideouts are all over the big city areas, so the situation is far from unique. Just take a look at a few more, all found on Google Maps Street View:

yakuza google street view7

yakuza google street view8

yakuza google street view13

yakuza google street view14

yakuza google street view11

And check out their cars…no blues, reds, or greens here:

yakuza google street view12

yakuza google street view9

yakuza google street view10

But this photo tour around yakuza hideouts has brought something to our attention and makes us glad we don’t work for a delivery service. Check out this poor deliveryman from Sagawa Transport caught on camera having to deliver a package to what seems to be a member of the yakuza.

▼ Notice the tattoos on his arms.yakuza google street view15

At least the Google Maps driver can step on the gas pedal is things go down, poor Sagawa Deliveryboy is out in the open. We just hope that package was delivered on time…

Source: Himajin Sokuhou
Images: Google Maps