A celebration where it isn’t really clear if the guests love or hate the couple getting married

For many people, a wedding is the biggest event in their life. It is the moment where two people swear eternal love to one another and transform their lives into something new together for the rest of their lives…which, depending on how you choose to celebrate, might be really short.

Take this couple in China, caught on video during their special day. I’m assuming this because the video,  posted on Live Leak, was described as “neighbors and ‘friends’ attack the wedding convoy with explosive fireworks.”

Oops, sorry, that was Saving Private Ryan. Here’s the real video, but I think you’ll see why that was an easy mistake to make.

Probably no country loves firecrackers more than the inventor of them, China, known for using these flammable yet festive sticks at a variety of celebrations. But I have to think even a vast majority of people there too would consider this a case of overkill, with emphasis on the “kill.”

It’s unclear how this hellscape came to be. Perhaps the bride and groom were a pair of pyromaniacs at heart who found each other. What little fire-obsessed girl doesn’t dream of being hurriedly led down the aisle, surrounded by billowing grey smoke and towering flames as her loved ones throw explosive material at her? Or maybe they greatly underestimated the attendance at the firecracker throwing portion of the day’s festivities, and what was meant to be a simple sprinkling of whiz-bangers turned into Fury Road.

Frequently during the video, you can see people hurl hubcap sized coils of gunpowder at the man and woman of the hour. It really raises the question of where a firecracker ceases to be a firecracker and becomes ordnance.

It also shows us that everyone has their own unique way of having a good time, and if yours happens to be getting pelted with fireworks too, then I know of a festival in Taiwan that’d be right up your alley.

Source, top image: Live Leak
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