Mind-blowing wedding goals include a personalised video game and RPG character sketches for each guest.

If you’re planning to get married in Japan, and you and your fiancee love games as much as you love each other, you can either pay someone to give you the RPG wedding of your dreams, or you can roll up your sleeves and get to work personalising your very own themed wedding.

Manga artist Tsubasa Yamaguchi, who goes by the handle @28_3 on Twitter, chose the latter option when it came to designing her dream wedding day, and the results were so impressive that others are now desperate for her to add a touch of magic to their special day too.

Yamaguchi’s wedding tweet, which included photos from the themed wedding with her husband, has since gone viral, receiving over 95,000 likes and more than 38,000 retweets.

“I got married the other day, and my husband and I love games so I made a guestbook in the style of first-generation PlayStation software, drew character art for each one of the 70 guests, and eventually made a real game. I really worked at it so please take a look.”

Yamaguchi really did work hard to make the reception a memorable one, with each guest receiving a guestbook in the guise of an old-school PlayStation game, with the title Marriage Quest instead of Dragon Quest, and some beautiful character art of the bride and groom on the front cover. And on the inside were 70 different characters, drawn to resemble each guest and their fantasy game character.

“Many of the guests didn’t know each other, so in order to have them feel united in some way, I sent a questionnaire to everyone who was coming, asking them what type of occupation they would want to have if they lived in a fantasy world, and I drew their fantasy character based on their answers. By the way, most people wanted to be wizards. Thank you so much for helping me!”

Needless to say, guests were thrilled to see their fantasy selves in the guestbook, with many tweeting them so everyone could admire the painstaking detail that went into each drawing.


The gaming love also extended to the wedding cake, which featured a couple of retro PlayStation controllers, and the wedding invitations, created by a designer friend, which came in the shape of a first-generation PlayStation console.

Yamaguchi also received some help in the video department, with two friends joining forces to create the sound and visuals for a very unique reception video, which was styled to look like a trailer for Marriage Quest.

And to top everything off, the disc inside the guestbook is actually a playable game!

Yamaguchi says it took about three months to complete all the personal touches for the wedding reception, and she and her husband were thrilled with the results, especially when they saw the smiles on the faces of their friends, who felt honoured to have played such a special role in the real-life Marriage Quest role-playing game.

If you want to make your friends smile with a RPG fantasy on your own special day, there are plenty of examples from Japan to draw inspiration from, whether you like a Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest mashup or a Pokémon Go fairytale.

Source: My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@28_3
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