What better way to ensure your guests remember your big day than by giving them a tiny plastic model set of you and your spouse?

Wedding ceremonies are a big deal in any part of the world. In Japan though there’s an especially vibrant wedding culture when it comes to weddings, with no shortage of companies dedicated to making your big day memorable. You can eagerly fork over huge mountains of cash to have actors recreate your life story right there in the wedding hall, oodles of chapel decorations patterned after Pokémon, Hello Kitty or Final Fantasy, or even hire a live alpaca to bear witness to your vows.

But some people might think involving businesses brings a touch of sterility to a deeply personal occasion. If you really, really want to have your wedding guests gasp in excitement, you’ll have to go the extra mile yourself.

Twitter user @kalapattar has an online presence primarily dedicated to plastic models, and markets himself as a photographer to showcase them at their best. So when he tied the knot with his partner, he decided it merited a special wedding favor for their guests…

“Leaving aside where I got these made…these are perfect full-spec models, paid out of pocket to give out at my wedding. Keeping them secret was so tough!”


“The mold is soooooo good!”


Yes, the groom custom ordered a special mold to create his own plastic models of himself and the woman he was to marry! The mold came with enough space left over to include a comically over-sized Sapporo beer mug and a gigantic kanji reading kotobuki or “best wishes”. Guests could hold the happy couple in their hand and take them home, making for a delightful memento whether you were part of the plastic model community or just an invested friend or family member.

@kalapattar ran into a road bump along the way, however.

▼ The raw data for the metal mold used to make the figures.


“I got a message from the custom mold company in Chinese, reading “the distance between the dowels is too different for it to come out properly, is that all right?” – it gave me a real belly laugh. I wrote “it’s not an issue because I don’t intend for these to be assembled or even broken apart, so just carve it as it is,” then I translated it through Google and sent it.”

▼ James of Games Workshop took this pretty photo of the molds.


Just in case you were wondering, those weren’t the only creative exploits at the wedding: they also recreated the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and cut into it with cutlery designed by the Danish designer Arne Jacobsen for the film (they also had the knife protruding from a 2001-style chunk of bone, because that just looks cooler).


But in case you wanted more cases of wedding ingenuity, there’s way more where that came from! Let’s not forget the time a bride walked down the aisle in a gorgeous recreation of Princess Serenity’s dress, stitched for her by a dedicated cosplayer friend. And there have been not one but two Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy mashup weddings, with one even involving the manga artist wife drawing all the guests as their preferred magical classes!

Source: Twitter/@kalapattar via Togetter
Featured image: Twitter/@kalapattar
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