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Last month, we took a look at the wedding photos of an extremely passionate Sailor Moon fan who infused her love of the classic magical girl series into nearly every aspect of her ceremony and reception. Impressed as we were, there was more than pure otaku gumption that went into the wedding, as the new bride also employed the considerable skills she’s developed working as a professional event planner.

But there’s another way to add a dash of Sailor Moon to your walk down the aisle, even if you don’t work in a creative industry. Provided whatever you do pays well, soon you’ll be able to order an official Sailor Moon wedding tiara.

Anime merchandiser Bandai has announced that come March, it’ll begin taking preorders for the Sailor Moon Serenity Crystal Wedding Tiara. The lunar luxury was created by Taro Kamitani, a noted and prodigious tiara designer who in 2007 became the youngest-ever recipient of a New York ADC Award.

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The tiara is constructed of a gold-plated brass frame encrusted with Swarovski crystals and synthetic pearls, which are attached to the piece by hand by Japanese craftsmen.

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Bandai’s website lists the Serenity Crystal Wedding Tiara as being for “ages 15 and up,” but the company doesn’t appear to be pushing the idea of teen brides. The standard age designation is the same one that Bandai commonly uses on its pricier items, and promotional materials refer to the tiara as being something “you’ve wanted since you were a kid 20 years ago,” so the target market is clearly adults who were fans of the 1990s TV series during their formative years. Besides, we doubt there are many potential teen buyers with a high enough allowance to pay for this 370,000-yen (US-$3,100) anime fashion statement.

When preorders do open in March, they’re likely to do so here on the product’s official page on online store Premium Bandai, which is definitely living up to its name with this release.

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Top image: Premium Bandai
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