Cosplayer’s wedding video has Final Fantasy VII weaponry and music, feels like a romantic RPG cutscene.

Since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event when all your friends’ and family’s eyes are on you, most people put a lot of effort into the aesthetics of their wedding day. Carefully styled hair, immaculately sorted outfits, fresh flowers, gorgeous color schemes…and, of course, a beautiful cake.

Sure enough, the cake that Tokyo-based cosplayer and model Clow (@ritobasu_clow on Twitter) and his wife had at their reception, with what appears to be a frosting sakura tree with cherry blossom petals adorning one side, is lovely. But while the baker did a wonderful job, odds are what their guests are really going to remember isn’t the cake itself, but what the happy couple used to cut it.

No knife here, as instead Clow and his bride hefted a full-scale recreation of the Buster Sword, the weapon wielded by Final Fantasy VII protagonist Cloud Strife. The cake cutting even sounded like the iconic RPG, as “Bombing Mission,” the musical piece that accompanies Cloud’s first appearance in the game, was played over the venue’s speakers. Clow also performed Cloud’s post-battle victory flourish, since when you and your one true love have just pledged your eternal love to one another, you’ve basically won at life.

While we don’t actually see the weapon slice into the cake in the video, in a separate tweet Clow reports that “Yes, we cut our wedding cake with Cloud’s Buster Sword!”

Now, while there are Final Fantasy wedding packages available in Japan, Clow got married in Spain, where wedding coordinators don’t generally have JRPG equipment lying around. Instead, his Buster Sword is a custom-made piece from Japanese cosplay prop maker Ariya Max Gamute (@defghijklmno987).

▼ The sword even has healing and summon Materia orbs, made of UV curing resin, embedded just above the crossguard.

▼ While Clow looks plenty dashing in his tux, he’s extra photogenic in his cosplay costumes, and has put together multiple print photo albums of his best work, which are available here.

Thanks to Clow’s proficiency in Japanese, Spanish, and English, his Buster Sword video was met with a trilingual chorus of envious congratulations. Just about the only negative comment came from one tongue-in-cheek gourmand who theorized “the Buster Sword would make a poor cake cutter. Whole thing would end up tasting like processed Mako,” but having actually eaten a Mako orb myself, I can attest to the fact that they’re delicious, making the Buster Sword a wholly auspicious way to cut their first married dessert.

Source: Twitter/@ritobasu_clow via Jin
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