In the game, the character carries a flashlight and uses the shadows it creates to block or pass obstacles along the way.

It’s gotta be hard for independent developers of video games to produce something both original and fun, but the cool thing about it is that developers can post their ideas and samples on social media like Twitter. They can get valuable feedback from the masses, without having to spend a dime, and once their production is done, they have already drummed up enough enthusiasm for it to be a success.

That seems to be what’s happening for Twitter user @TarrCake, who shared a clip of their “Shadow Materialization Game” in action. The clip shows the basic dynamic of the platform-style game, which is to use a flashlight and objects on the screen to make shadows that help the player reach their goal.

In essence, the character is able to make shadows solid, and then they can be physically used as steps, paths, and walls. The video, which is of the game’s tutorial, shows the different ways that the player can use shadows to aid them in their quest.

First, you can use stagnant objects to create shadows that you can walk and jump on in order to overcome tall obstacles.

You can also use pieces to create walls that can block obstacles and “enemies” from hitting you. This requires careful analysis of the angles of the light, and presumably this will become more challenging later in the game, when you may not have as much time to think about it.

If you carefully time it, you can also create shadows from moving objects that help you jump across big gaps, climb tall obstacles, or block moving elements in your way. But be careful! The shadows don’t stay solid for long, so if you hesitate, you could fall!

The game is definitely unique in concept, and it looks like it has the potential to be intellectually challenging as well as fun, since it’s not only an action platformer but also a puzzle game of sorts. That’s probably why the initial tweet has gone viral, which is lucky for @TarrCake, who designed the game for the unityroom ProBuilder Game Jam, which is sponsored by the game design engine Unity.

Through Game Jam, @TarrCake was able to submit their game to be hosted on the site for free, so long as they used the ProBuilder function of Unity’s editor to help create it. It is now available to play for free on desktop browsers here. Click to start playing, then use the “A” and “D” keys to move left and right, “W” to jump, and left click to create a solid shadow. When you’re done playing, hit the escape key to unlock your mouse from the game. It’s challenging, but fun!

▼ The game in an early phase of development

@TarrCake is also planning an update soon, which many fans are looking forward to. Though for now the game is only available on the unityroom website, since it’s become so popular, hopefully we’ll see more of the “Shadow Materialization Game” in the future!

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Source, Images: Twitter/@TarrCake