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A story about a knight who braves all dangers to save his princess and eventually asks for her hand in marriage might be a bit of a cliché, but we’ve all had that fantasy at some point in our lives, hoping that we’ll meet our special someone in a fairytale-like situation. Unfortunately, chances are that real-life proposals are not as magical and grand, especially if both you and your beloved are game-enthusiasts who spend half your time “living” in a fantasy game world.

One chivalrous knight upped the game by proposing to his gamer princess with a video game he specially made for the proposal! Was his level-up a success? Click “Start”… I mean, click “Read More” to find out!

Knight Man: A Quest for Love is a game created by Robert Fink with the help of his friends, Ryan Lepinski and Jack Watson, in his attempt to win Princess Angel’s heart. The three-man team took approximately five months to complete the production, with Robert taking care of the pixel art and animation, Jack composing the game music, and Ryan piecing everything together with his coding skills.

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▼ The real-life hero and heroine! (And their super sidekick!)
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The game-play is similar to Super Mario World, featuring a hero venturing through dungeons and obstacles in order to rescue the heroine. Being an avid gamer, Angel only took ten minutes or so to complete the quest. Which was a good thing because if it took any longer Robert might have “lost a life” from nervousness, and we all know that hitting the “Start Over button” during a proposal can be extremely awkward.

▼ Robert and his friends trick Angel into playing the game by telling her it’s a play test for his company’s new game.
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▼ Oh? What could this thing falling from the sky be?
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▼ The Princess! She’s frozen!
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▼ The Knight draws his sword and frees the Princess!
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▼ Here it comes…
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▼ And… we’ll leave you to unravel the moment of truth because cliffhangers are awesome.

So, the brave knight managed to melt the heart of the “wicked” princess, leaving the rest of the world in awe and envy of the epic proposal idea! Well, Robert works in the games industry and he had the skills and buddies to make his pixel proposal come true. But don’t worry if you’re a game-lover with no game-creating skills or connections, you can still bet your chances on these Legend of Zelda or Pokemon engagement rings to surprise your destined Player Two!

The legendary proposal game (and the full details of the romantic proposal) can be found on its official website! Congratulations, Robert and Angel!

P.S.: When you visit the site, be sure to click on the radio at the bottom of the page to see the adorable pixel people dance to the music!

Source: Jandan
Images: Knight Man: A Quest for Love, YouTube