Customers shocked to find them lying on the ground intoxicated with alcohol.

Drinking at work isn’t acceptable in Japan, and unless you’re lucky enough to work for a company that actually requires employees to do just that, getting caught with a cold one while on the job is a sure way to get into trouble.

However, one chic Japanese restaurant in central Osaka by the name of Redang recently seemed to have forgone the unspoken rule of maintaining soberness until after hours. On 19 May, at about six o’clock in the evening, customers placed their orders of delectable dishes the store is known for.

▼ Redang’s seven-course meal is a must-try.

But after what must have been a dreadfully long time, customers noticed that none of the employees returned with their orders, and suspecting something amiss, they took a furtive peek into the restaurant’s kitchen.

To the shock and upset of everyone, they found the boss of the establishment and three employees who had vanished earlier, including an 18-year-old youth, sprawled out on the cold floor. And since they were so inebriated that they couldn’t stand up on their own, the ambulance had to be summoned to send them to hospital.

▼ We would’ve been upset too if someone started a party without us.

Netizens were bewildered that a drinking party actually occurred during work hours when customers were around:

“That’s just so bizarre.”
“The employees were indulging in merrymaking behind the scenes.”
“I’m from Osaka and I apologize on their behalf. The employees were just terrible.”
“This is mysterious and too unnatural.”
“This reeks of crime.”

While no reason has been determined to explain why the workers were drinking on the job, Osaka police have launched an investigation into the details surrounding the incident, including whether the four had been drinking prior to the restaurant’s opening.

According to police, seven people were in the restaurant at the time, and the 48-year-old owner had suffered from acute alcohol poisoning. While more details are yet to be revealed, given that the legal drinking age is 20 in Japan, there will certainly be repercussions for the 18-year-old staff member and the proprietor.

Source: Iza via My Game News Flash
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